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Stephen Quayle

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Hello! Right so first off I am new to yttalk, haha I feel so outdated and old (No idea what im doing). But yes, I am a Minecraft YouTuber who has been trying to follow his dream for the past 4 years. Over the 4 years I have gathered 3982 Subscribers and an overall Video Views of 1,161,004. I now feel it is very very hard to become "Big" or "successful" on YouTube as there is sooo many people doing the same! But thats not going to stop me at all, im not going to give up! I love making videos and tutorials to help people with any problems!

My main tutorials are "How to get a cape in Minecraft" If you search that in YouTube you'll find me there straight away - Username NoodlesHere ;) (Cheeky advertisement).

So yeah my goal by the end of 2015 is to hit 4,000 subscribers! And by 2017 I would love to hit 10,000! Because you got to be ambitious to succeed!

If you want to check out my channel and please give me some feedback on how I can improve at all please post below! I wont be offended at all! - Im ginger... Im used to being offended ;)

I hope this post wasnt bad for my first one! Haha!

Have a nice day YTubers! :)

Channel: Youtube.com/user/iviassivetutorials
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