1. Emily Richardson

    100 SUBBIES????!!!!

    So I have no idea how this happened but last night I hit 100 subscribers!!!!!!!!!! :crying: This sounds so cliche but honestly I just want to thank everybody in this community and everyone I've met through YT itself for being so sweet to me and letting me in to this world! I owe this milestone...
  2. Stephen Quayle

    Still Chasing The "YouTube Dream" Dont Give up!

    Hello! Right so first off I am new to yttalk, haha I feel so outdated and old (No idea what im doing). But yes, I am a Minecraft YouTuber who has been trying to follow his dream for the past 4 years. Over the 4 years I have gathered 3982 Subscribers and an overall Video Views of 1,161,004. I now...
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