1. H

    Gaming Xeldem E'scort 09205864720 Independent E'scort's in Xeldem

    Xeldem E'scort 09205864720 Independent E'scort's in Xeldem Xeldem E'scort 09205864720 Independent E'scort's in Xeldem Xeldem E'scort 09205864720 Independent E'scort's in Xeldem Xeldem E'scort 09205864720 Independent E'scort's in Xeldem Xeldem E'scort 09205864720 Independent E'scort's in...
  2. Andreassandström

    1500 Veiws!

    I just hit 1500 Views and that is pretty big for me! 75 Videos and 1500 veiws, I am actually very proud of that seeing as my original goal for 2019 was 1500 views! Next stop: 2K! Hopefully before October but, if not, I know I will hit it after! What is your recent achievement? PS. This is...
  3. Michael Masters

    Conquering Your Corner (of YouTube)

    Your parents said you could be anything you wanted. Astronaut? Sure! NFL Quarterback? Go for it! President of this great land? Why not? The sky was always the limit. And there we were, peering way up. Somewhere along my own recent journey, the lofty places didn’t look so attractive anymore...
  4. Nerfworthy

    50 subscribers!

    I've hitted 50 subscribers yesterday, and i'm so happy! Started youtube a month ago, and we going strong! My next goal is to hit 100 by the end of March, but .. I have a strong feeling i'll hit it till 15th march, >:D!
  5. Angel Stage

    Hit my 1st goal!

    My 1st goal was to just hit 100 subs and I did last night! I think it was partly due to the new youtube policy where they are changing things and people are trying to help out other people but it's still pretty awesome! Now to the next goal!!
  6. GeoMFilms

    300 Goal achieved

    I've been uploading on youtube since Sept 2006, but i haven't really been trying to be somewhat consistent since a year ago. I was around 250 sub a year ago and i have been trying to gain 100....its taken me a year! haha i know that sucks but i got there. The funny thing is my old videos would...
  7. Raid MusicHD

    I am in 50 Subs

    Hi everyone, Finally I reached 50 subs with 3.5 K views. I am lucky that there are few people like my content. I hope I can get 100 subs before new year :) now #roadto100subs
  8. L337H4X0RZZ

    Today, I hit 20,000 views!

    Hello all. Despite me not being active on YouTube for a while due to family and personal issues, I decided to check my overall view count this morning when I woke up to see this: While dealing with the family and personal problems I mentioned, I completely dropped a lot of my hobbies, this...
  9. Diversified Unison

    Goals for 2018 (thread locked)

    Hey everyone... Sooooo 2018 is almost here... Any special plan for your channel? What milestone you want to reach this new year? Share with us!! :D For me, 2017 goal was to reach 200 subs but I only reached 120. I guess better than nothing haha..Me and my team will continue working hard and we...
  10. YouTube Filmmaker's

    100 Subs!! With 2165 Views!! 50 Subs in 2 weeks!

    Finally hit 100 subs. Gained alot of subs in the past couple weeks. On to 1000. I have high hopes! Thanks to anyone who watches my channel!
  11. Quick Question


    Just broke through to my goal of 40 subs!! Delicious. I implore you to see what I'm about maybe you can help me reach my next goal :dance::help::up2::thumbsup2: EIGHTY BABIEEE
  12. Kyle Matthew

    Hit 100 Subscribers and 1k+ Views today!

    I'm so happy! :bounce: This kind of achievement, although it might seem small for some other people, is a really big step for me. It helps me realise that there are people out there who actually like watching my videos, and that makes me want to not give up!
  13. Kyle Matthew

    I hit 60 Subs and 600 Views! So Happy!

    It may seem like a small number to some, but it still got me so excited! I love making and editing videos, and so even if one person watches, it's worth it for me. My next goal is a 100 subs, and I hope it comes quick! :)
  14. OldNotDead

    Wahoo...On a roll...I just hit 30 Subscribers!

    I just hit 30 subscribers....next goal 100! Okay, If I hit 40 I'll be posting here again! LOL Cheers, Scott
  15. Rolz

    Must see anime!

    What's good guys, check out my latest video :) This video is the start of a new series, in which I cover what anime I'm watching each month! Reason for this is ultimately to generate discussions on my channel :) If you guys enjoy it then smash that like button also subscribe to help me reach...
  16. Nanonium


    After a short week or so, going from 3k to 4k views, growth is occurring, so excited!
  17. Rolz

    50 SUB goal reached!

    Whatsup guys! Today I got a pleasant surprise when viewing my 'community' on YouTube :D I saw I reached my goal of 50 subscribers! Thanks for all those that have supported me! On to the next goal of 100 Subs! :help: Wishing everyone else the best of luck with their YouTube endeavours!
  18. sequan123

    900 subscribers!!

    Hey guys I've reached 900 subs now I want to reach my new milestone and that is getting to 1000 subs I really thank who supports me see ya around.
  19. Itz chris gaming

    100 subs!! Now whats the goal

    So I just hit 100 subs today. Its funny because 5 days ago i had 84 and the last 5 days before that i was gaining 1 every 3 days. But over the last 5 days i have gained 3-4 subs a day. So whats the next goal: 200 subs, 150. Plz help me decide
  20. ZactheRipper

    100 subs in a month on the road to 1000

    Today I hit, and passed, 100 subs. This is insane seeing as I only have 7 videos and have been around for a little over a month. Time to upload more faster and hit my goal of 2k for 2017. How long did it take you to hit 2k?
  21. Vivian King

    50 Subs!!

    I just hit 50 subs yesterday and I am so exited. This is the first milestone I have hit and I hope there are many more to come! My next goal is to hit 100 subs.
  22. Rahi Official

    100 Subscribers!!

    Today I hit 100 subscribes. Really excited about it!! :)
  23. Rahi Official

    Reached 2,000 views!!

    Today I reached 2,000 views on one of my experimental project. I was working with different musicians from all around the world and recreating their famous songs in my style. As a result I did my last video and since then views started to go up. So I'm confident to move forward with this...
  24. carmagnet plays

    I Hit 70 Subs

    Hi my name is Luke or carmagnet plays. I have recently hit 70 subscribers and hoping to soon get 100! I mainly upload Call of Duty whether that is PC mods, Zombies, small amounts of multiplayer, or collabs! Also I upload PC games such as ARK, The Culling, and others! So if you would like to...
  25. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  26. Jonatan Moser

    10.000 views three days from my 1 year YT anniversary!

    Quite a coincidence that his happened! I could probably have hit this milestone earlier, since I just started doing regular uploads recently... And 5.000 of these 10.000 views are from the past month :-) Anyway, I reached it, and I am thrilled! Next goal: 100.000!
  27. BrinoVlogs

    FINALLY 300 SUBS :))

    I finally reached that 300 after awhile, next goal 400 :) Help me out, or even check out my channel and give me some feedback, i would really appreciate it :) "BrinoVlogs"
  28. AaliyahF

    50 subs

    After quite some time I finally reached 50 subs. I am really looming forward to reaching 100 subs so therefore I can start sharing my channel with ppl I know
  29. LikableMike

    4,000 VIEWS!!??!! WOOOOOOOO!!!

    Yesterday I hit 4000 views without even realizing cause the views counter doesn't work on youtube. I can't Believe that many people have watched my videos. I Really cant comprehend it. I was ecstatic when thirty people watched me let alone 4000. Also Im at 31 subscribers which is amazing but i...
  30. DanDaSimmer

    What happens when you miss a goal?

    Hey everyone! I started my channel about 2.5 months ago now, and I'm so glad I started new and fresh with Dan's Life. My first month was great and I earned about 28 subscribers, which I was so shocked and happy with! So when I thought what my next goal was, I said to myself earning 25...