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100 subs in a month on the road to 1000


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Today I hit, and passed, 100 subs. This is insane seeing as I only have 7 videos and have been around for a little over a month. Time to upload more faster and hit my goal of 2k for 2017. How long did it take you to hit 2k?
When I hit 2k, I'll tell ya. I'm on the same boat as you at around 100 subs. Congrats! 100 subs is the best feeling in the world. Be sure to remind your viewers how grateful you are. :p
That's terrific! Congratulations!

It took me about a year and a half to reach 2K. It's moving a bit more quickly now, though. The more subscribers you have, the faster your growth, I've seen.
Congrats man! I hit 100 subs in about 2 months after starting, then due to my error(taking time off of YouTube) My channel has only grown 67 since then. I just recommend you stay active and you'll grow! :D