1. PhysicsFreak101

    100 YTtalk Cash!

    With this post comes 100 YTtalk cash, which I have been working towards since October. I hope that my posts have been of use to you all, and I personally am very excited for the feature to embed your videos into your post, and to be able to post in the Videos & Channels section. Hopefully, I can...
  2. JSamuel

    100 subscribers!

    I've been vlogging for about 2-3 months now, and I'm super exited to have hit 100 subscribers! I got a custom URL! (I'm so excited).
  3. E

    How did you get to 100 subs?

    Hey youtube community! Right now i'm only at 16 subscribers, and I think my braning and content was good, but im barely growing qq. How did you guys get to 100 subs? I feel like im missing something qwq
  4. J

    Made it to 100!

    After starting in January of this year, and making 9 vlogs - and being stuck at 99 subs for like 3 weeks lol - we finally got to 100! I've got some tutorial ideas that I will be shooting soon, so hopefully growth will continue to increase :) It's always a great motivation to see numbers going...
  5. M

    100 Subscriber celebration ideas

    Hello I just got 100 subs and I would like to know what I could do to celebrate 100 subs Little about my channel on my channel, I do animal videos and sometimes other videos like art and gaming ....I would like to do something animal related but I'm not sure what to do? If you have...
  6. LifeWithLauren

    hit my milestone

    i'm so happy i finally reached the 100 sub mark! I hope 200 doesn't take too long!
  7. Annette Regina

    perks of getting 100 subscribers?

    Hi guys, I've been on YT for 10 months now and I'm just 10 subscribers away from getting to 100. I remember reading somewhere that youtube provides some perks for user accounts with over 100 subscribers, but i can't remember what they are? Any advice? thanks
  8. G

    100 SUBS!!

    I Don't Even Know How It Happened But I Hit 100 Subs
  9. R

    I need more YouTube video ideas!

    Hi guys. I'm a really new youtuber right now and I'm running out of ideas! I just started YouTube and I make videos about a little bit of everything how to's, gaming, music, and YouTube stuff like editing and thumbnails + more. Any of those things in that area would be nice. Thank you!
  10. Kyle Matthew

    Hit 100 Subscribers and 1k+ Views today!

    I'm so happy! :bounce: This kind of achievement, although it might seem small for some other people, is a really big step for me. It helps me realise that there are people out there who actually like watching my videos, and that makes me want to not give up!
  11. PianoPig

    Hit my first milestone.... 100 subs!!

    So I've been releasing videos teaching piano for around 5 months now and finally hit 100 subs today! So happy! Can anyone tell me if this is about an average time to reach 100 subs, or is it slow/fast? Next milestone is 200 subs :) Thanks!
  12. Rolz

    My gaming giveaway winner + desk setup!

    Hey guys! So I dont know if you saw or heard but I hosted a giveaway on my channel a couple of days ago! In this video I announce the winner as well as show you some scenes of me setting up my desk + equipment! I hope you enjoy it and any constructive criticism is welcome! If you do enjoy...
  13. Rolz

    100 people crazy enough to sub to me XD

    I just recently reached my short-term goal of 100 subscribers! A big thank you to all of those that helped me along the way and gave me a chance, I couldn't have done this without you :D It may seem menial to some but to me it signals the start of something greater to come! I treasure each and...
  14. A

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with on PC, basically any game.

    Hello, my name is Matt, i have been doing YouTube since i was 8, i am now 13 and i am looking for someone who puts a lot of effort into their videos to collab with, meaning tat if you don't put effort into your videos and have a passion for doing so then you are not the type of person that i...
  15. Nanonium

    100 subs!

    A big accomplish that took a lot of time, but I'm glad I made it!
  16. A

    I finally got 100 subscribers!

    After a lot of hard work and promotion and just being active on forums and reddit, and of course youtube, it finally happened! I got my first 100 subscribers!!! I started uploading to my channel a little over a year ago. In January 2016. So it took around 14 months for me to get here. That...
  17. N

    100 Subs!

    I just want to say that I am truly amazed that my channel is this far already. Thank you to everyone that has supported me thus far!
  18. Hadi

    Best time to upload and other strategies?

    Hey guys, I just joined the forum, because I thought you guys seem pretty cool. You all seem experienced in YouTube, and I'd really like it if I can have some advice when it comes to YouTube and growth. I've had a channel for less than a month, and I'm at around 86 subscribers. My videos...
  19. Steggs101

    Hit 100 subs!

    After almost 3 months of uploading daily I've just pass 100 subs! I've heard a lot of people say the first 100 are the hardest, but I guess we'll see! I know there are some guys on here that have subbed to me, so thank you for that, and thank you to everyone here for being such a supportive...
  20. CDOD

    Over 1000!

    Just got 1000 total views on all my videos! This may not see an achievement but for me this has taken 6 months. So thanks you all.
  21. PsySpy Gaming

    100 Subs!

    I finally got to 100 subs after around 14 months of doing YouTube. Still trolling around videos looking for tips, tricks, information about SEO, such like that to get myself seen even more, though that still takes time and effort, one of my recent videos blew up (well, 200+ views in a couple...
  22. Varlais Alata

    OMFG YESS!! I MADE 100 SUBS!!!

    Yesterday! (Couldn't post cause I was still banned lol) Ok so yesterday I had 93 Subs. I was uploading, and I joined 2 Epic Music Livestreams (and sneakily promoted there). and now I have over 100 subs!!!! :D EEEEE!! Thank you all so much for your support ^^
  23. SeanFace101

    I have reached 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!

    I am so happy that's me finally reached the 100 subscribers milestone! :D Just got my 100th subscriber there and I'm very chuffed! :D :D :D
  24. Diabetus

    100 Subscribers! and 2K Views!

    Just Reached 100 Subscribers and 2K Views. what should be next? i also heard that the First 100 Subscribers is the Hardest, do you guys think thats True?
  25. IGotTheMeats

    Finally the First 100!

    I finally hit 100 subs! It seems like a long time, but I know it was very fast compared to most channels. Hopefully it will start to snowball from here and things will pick up faster and faster! My goal is to hit 1000 before the end of 2017!
  26. IGotTheMeats

    100 Views, 200 Watch Minutes

    I just hit my 100th all-time view and 200th minute of watch time! I've been posting consistently for about 10 days, and I think I hit those milestones at a quick pace! Hopefully next is 100 subs!
  27. ZactheRipper

    100 subs in a month on the road to 1000

    Today I hit, and passed, 100 subs. This is insane seeing as I only have 7 videos and have been around for a little over a month. Time to upload more faster and hit my goal of 2k for 2017. How long did it take you to hit 2k?
  28. ColbzVlogz

    Custom URL claiming unavailable??

    Not able to claim my custom URL, suck cause I just went over the 100 sub mark... Been like this for 4 days now, Any help? Anybody else experiencing this?? Or ever has? Thanks
  29. ColbzVlogz


    Exactly 2 months and 4 days after my first upload, I FINALLY GOT TO 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!! I was so happy when I first found out, I was actually out eating dinner with a girl I just met and my buddy texted me and said "Congrats on 100 subs" and I stood in the middle of the restaurant and walked...
  30. J


    Hey im Jmichael1 and i want to collab with another youtube that gaves advice to other youtubers.I have 100+ subs im looking for other youtubers with 90+ subs or more than 80+ active views .We will make videos like "how to get 100subs" or "top 3 editing software".Contact me on twitter...