How did you get to 100 subs?


Hey youtube community! Right now i'm only at 16 subscribers, and I think my braning and content was good, but im barely growing qq. How did you guys get to 100 subs? I feel like im missing something qwq
There´s a lot of tips and tricks here that might help you grow your channel! Time, patience and consistency is usually key in this game. You could try and do subtle promoting without being too aggressive and throw people off!
You make good videos and work with SEO and promote videos in different ways and a bit of luck wont hurt:) Growth is usually slow especially in the beginning and getting to a 100 subs can seem like forever (bare in mind that there are toutubers who wont reach 100 in the first place:)) but keep making great videos and work with SEO and I think you will reach 100, but it will take time
The first 100 is really soooo hard for every channel I think. There is tons of advise already on this website on how to grow a channel though. Just keep posting and always look to improve your channel by checking out peoples pointers on this website or elsewhere.
just keep making video and critiquing yourself it just takes doing it and keeping at it. the first 20 are the hardest earned imo.

part of it is building up your library as well. I think most people don't subscribe till they have watched several of your video's so they want to see several video's from you that they like before they subscribe.
In the words of Jesse Cox Advertise shamelessly.. hahah but don't spam, I've found activity in communities, incorporating friends and collabs in the videos can help as well. Courtney has it right as well make sure you content is good and hits a target audience, and then just stay dedicated! GL ;)