Gaming Looking for someone to collab with on PC, basically any game.


Hello, my name is Matt, i have been doing YouTube since i was 8, i am now 13 and i am looking for someone who puts a lot of effort into their videos to collab with, meaning tat if you don't put effort into your videos and have a passion for doing so then you are not the type of person that i would like to collab with you. I have 127 subs and i would like to get to 200 in the next year.
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Hey I have Minecraft on PC I put effort in to my 90% videos.My skype is slaysfichee. My discord is Fichee_slays. Can you please tell me when you would like to collab with me. I have 102 subs atm. I am 15 years old. Thank you!
Hey I play a lot of games and I put in all my effort in making my videos. I am now 16 years old.
If you want to contact me just add me on steam or discord. I'm mostly a PC player.

Steam is moredaki321 or ReMixz
Discord is ReMixzGaming #4895
I play a lot of games like gta v and gmod and much more my steam is dustygingercat if you want to contact me there and my youtube is at I am 12 and have 1000 subs messenge me on steam if you may want to collab BTW I am a pc gamer
I play Minecraft, I would love to collab! Contact me if you have Twitter. My account on there is Matt0417.