1. G

    Can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download facebook videos using a software ????

    Hell guys A question : can i upload a YouTube video about "how to download Facebook videos using a paid software " ?? I see a lot of videos in YouTube about that , is that illegal or not ??? Thank you :)
  2. G

    Youtube stuck in processing for hours

    So ive been uploading a 10 minute 1080p video @60hz to my channel, and it uploads fine, but when processing it zooms down the bar before stopping completely at 68%, 2 minutes remaining. I then went outside, stayed for a while, came back in, watched some videos, went back outside, had lunch, and...
  3. LandyVlad

    Uploading video to YT by email / other means?

    I have created a YT channel for my motorcycle forum (no content yet). I want to encourage users to provide their videos related to our bikes on our YT channel. But I do not want to give every member admin access to the channel (too many cooks is bound to end it tears.. or something like that)...
  4. Apatz

    Unpublished draft removed for copywright, it it a strike?

    I Uploaded a video late last night but didn't publish it due to wanting to wait till the morning for a final viewing before releasing to the wide world. I've looked this morning and the draft has been removed for copyright. Unfortunately the link to see why isn't working but i have a fairly good...
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    NEW YouTube Video UPLOAD TOOL Beta - How To Upload Videos on YouTube 2019

    How To Use NEW YouTube Video Upload Tool Beta - How To Upload Videos on YouTube 2019 // Upload videos to YouTube in the new YouTube Studio beta tool. The new feature offers more settings, a preview box and a more one stop shop for all your upload needs. Upload YouTube Videos From Your Computer...
  6. ALEA freelicencemusic

    How often do you upload?

    I know that many people upload daily, or many times a week. I'm interested to know that the general trend is, since I really post whenever I feel like it :P and I have time to. Are you consistent? How often do you upload? And more important: How long does it take you to make a video? For me: a...
  7. T

    Dropbox To Youtube

    Hello everybody, I am working on a tool that helps in video uploading. The idea is simple, drop the video in a Dropbox folder and it will be uploaded to Youtube. How useful do you think this will be ?
  8. M

    Posting every two weeks?

    Hey everyone Right now I’m posting every other Friday, and want to hopefully strart doing every week starting next year (I will be moving in the spring and starting at a job that will give me more free time to work on my videos). Anyway, I was wondering if every other week is enough to post for...
  9. Arc Flash

    Uploading in HD issue.

    Hello, brand new to the forums, and was hoping I could get some help, as I can't find any real information on this: So I uploaded my first video the other day in 1080p at 60 fps. It shows up perfectly in that resolution on PC, but when I use the Youtube app on mobile, the max resolution it...
  10. Kaytonix

    Upload schedule: more = better?

    Hello everyone! I'm just starting out on youtube and I'm curious as to what your upload schedule was when you started. Did you start out with just a few a month or week? Or hot out of the gate with an upload every day? Have you changed your upload count and gotten better results? Do you think...
  11. S

    Gaming Anyone want to collaborate

    Must Post similar content as me and have 60+ subs message me on PS4 my psn is FlawLeSSHunts thanks I have more games than I post.
  12. The Unwanted Letter

    Uploading once a month?

    This is more of consideration than me saying i want to upload once a month, but i do short films and they are quite difficult to get out especially because i'm still in school, So i was wondering is it okay for the maximum distance between each upload to be a month i would like to upload more...
  13. Teknickel 10

    Help with Adobe Premiere exports...

    Hey guys, So I have a quick issue with my adobe premiere '17 videos when I upload them. I export to 1080p 60fps and the resulting video file looks great. I then upload and can watch them fine on desktop but NOT on mobile. For some reason on mobile it only allows me to select 480p as the...
  14. The Unwanted Letter

    Is upload schedule really all that needed?

    So i've been thinking about this and because of school and youtube i know i can't have a consistent upload schedule because the videos i make take a little extra effort to get out and more time. So i believe that in some cases an upload schedule isn't really necessary, but you must stay in...
  15. Hell

    Do you upload on holidays?

    Christmas? New year? Easter? Bank holidays? Etc. My birthday was on Friday and one of my friends suggested I uploaded a small video to celebrate. I decided not to do this as I had no ideas and I'm working on something else anyways. Some upload on public holidays and some don't. What do you do...
  16. IFlyForFun

    Making Videos Automatically Play in HD?

    Hello All, as you can see I'm new and confused. I have a question about uploading my videos and the quality that people see. I'm not sure if I'm in the right thread but I've looked around and thought I'd ask here. So my question, I'm uploading videos to my Chanel and I think they look great...
  17. Conncast

    Quality, Quantity, Both? Algorithm Chat

    Hello there, this is among my first posts on the site and I would like a little info from somebody who knows a little better than I do about the youtube algorithms and how they can be fully exploited for greater exposure. I will structure this post in a series of questions, many of which have...
  18. Jack Barrott

    Handbrake or no?

    Hey, so basically I've been trying to decide whether or not I should use handbrake on my videos before I upload? I have really crappy internet so I'm not too sure. I also don't want to impact the quality in any way. What do you guys do? Thanks
  19. Blunt Brittany

    YT taking hours to upload a video...? HELP!

    Hey everyone. This is not the first time I've had this problem... Last night I tried to upload my latest vlog so I can publish it today and it took FOREVER! I went to bed because it was taking over an hour. Woke up this morning and it STILL WASN'T DONE!!! It has been stuck on 74% and says 13...
  20. O

    who wishes YouTube had a replace video feature?

    Vimeo has this. You can replace a video with a different version if you make a mistake but you can keep the same URL, Views, Likes and Comments. I wish YouTube had this. I just submitted it to them in their feedback section. I uploaded a video and realized I have one tiny audio glitch. Would...
  21. ZactheRipper

    100 subs in a month on the road to 1000

    Today I hit, and passed, 100 subs. This is insane seeing as I only have 7 videos and have been around for a little over a month. Time to upload more faster and hit my goal of 2k for 2017. How long did it take you to hit 2k?
  22. ggdeeofficial

    How big are your files?

    So I upload regularly and due to this new comcast/xfinity thing I am kind of forced to limit my internet usage (1TB). The thing is my videos file sizes are kinda huge. normal 10-15 min videos are 1gb while longer ones can go up to 5gb. I they are 1080p in mp4 format so I don't know what to do...
  23. O

    People who upload wayy too much

    Does anyone else feel that some people on YouTube upload wayy too much in one day? I love The Young Turks don't get me wrong, but 10 videos in the same day?? Really? that adds up to 50 videos in one week. Why can't they just upload a long video like say an hour and mark times of the video to...
  24. M

    Gaming Youtube PC Gaming Collab (Variety of Games like CSGO and Ark Survival)

    Looking for other PC gamers to make videos , in a completely fresh channel but have had successful channels within the past just wanted to start again as it was from a while back .I can play a wide variety of games like CSGO and Ark Survival and will be posting regularly aswell (Every other day)...
  25. sphamedia

    Thursday vs. Friday

    Hey guys, i was wondering about once a week uploaders, what day would you say works best for you, im thinking thursdays/fridays but does anyone have any insite?
  26. B

    best uploading frequentcy

    this topic has probably been done before. i did a search but couldn't really find what i was looking for. how often do you upload? and what is the best uploading frequency?
  27. Adelle

    Smaller File Size: Free Video File Converter ~ USE THIS ~

    So, I was recording with Loilo. It's a pretty nice recording software to be free. It's very easy and simple to use. Only leaves a watermark unless you edit the video with Loilo Scope. (I record with Loilo and edit with a separate software because I'm broke atm) So, when I record with Loilo, my...
  28. ItsMeRich

    How often should I upload

    While doing YouTube, it has come to my attention that making a schedule for when I upload is proving to be challenging. I do vlog and vlog-related things and I also have school to do. So please tell how often I should upload. (Any suggestions will help :)
  29. Testing Your Neurons

    Other Looking to collab with anyone!

    I make quiz videos on my channel and I am searching to collab with anyone!
  30. Maarij Bashir

    Best render settings for Sony vegas

    so I want to upload a video on YouTube but I don't what's the best settings (1080 had) I should render at. I'm using Sony Vegas 13.