Do you upload on holidays?


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Christmas? New year? Easter? Bank holidays? Etc.
My birthday was on Friday and one of my friends suggested I uploaded a small video to celebrate. I decided not to do this as I had no ideas and I'm working on something else anyways.
Some upload on public holidays and some don't. What do you do? Is it better to upload on these days or is it better to leave it?
I publish a video every Friday, but it's uploaded in advance. I also automate the initial Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts. I also have a file on my Google Drive with everything I need to promote it on the go.

I had two videos go up while I was on vacation at Disney. I copied and pasted my initial comment and put it on the video soon after it went online. I didn't do anything else until I had a break in the evening.

Then I went to my file for the link, descriptions, hashtags, etc. and made some follow-up social media posts. Plus, shared some of the initial posts in other places.

Anyway, my point is that with a little preparation, you can get a lot done with a minimal amount of time or effort. I hope that helps!
I do upload during the holidays, if I have something to upload!
I do upload more during my vacation, since i´m always on the road when I´m on vacation!
Which is awesome, and at the same time, youtube is making me go out into the world in a good way!
I've uploaded a couple videos in the past related to holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day - only if I can find something really interesting to talk about though!
For me as a *viewer* I have more time to watch videos on a holiday, so I spend time binging on channels I like. Many of the larger channels definitely take advantage of holidays, perhaps for that very reason. Everyone's at home on the couch!
You could always create something ahead of time if you know you are going to be busy during the holidays. But in my opinion, the answer to "Should I post or not to post?" is always YES! What's wrong with another fabulous video added to you collection? And people like watching other vloggers celebrate the holidays by uploading something related.
We upload holiday themed videos a week or two before the holiday. We don't ever film a video on a holiday, unless it's a vlog because we pre-film it.

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I upload every 2 days so whatever day it falls on so be it. I do try to cater my videos for the season also.