Dropbox To Youtube

Do you think a tool that automatically uploads your videos from drop box to youtube is useful ?

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    Votes: 1 33.3%
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    Votes: 2 66.7%

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Hello everybody, I am working on a tool that helps in video uploading. The idea is simple, drop the video in a Dropbox folder and it will be uploaded to Youtube. How useful do you think this will be ?
zero useful. You really want to set the tags, description, title, and all the other setting before you click publish. otherwise it will publish a video with no seo. you can add that afterwards but thats not great as it takes a while to get reindexed for search i think. It would a good idea for non branded personal channels for people that don't care about above
I like to use dropbox to share files, but I don't think I'd upload finished YouTube videos from Dropbox unless there was a super easy text file format I could use that would fill out the description / tags / titles / thumbnail / etc. in one file. That would be convenient because YouTube's video management forms are kind of annoying.
If you did upload from Dropbox, you could have it set to be Private until you can go into YT to update the metadata. You would never want it to just go live right away.