Unpublished draft removed for copywright, it it a strike?


Aug 28, 2019
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I Uploaded a video late last night but didn't publish it due to wanting to wait till the morning for a final viewing before releasing to the wide world. I've looked this morning and the draft has been removed for copyright. Unfortunately the link to see why isn't working but i have a fairly good idea what it could be and can easily remove/rectify.

My question is, if i didn't actually publish the video, and Youtube algorithms obviously picked up something during the upload, does that still count as a strike? I've since removed the draft from Youtube altogether but am worried if i upload another version tonight and that is removed will i be at risk of having my channel shut down, even though the videos are not being published? Is it a good way of seeing if a video is ok or am i shooting myself in the foot by uploading them?

For context, i believe the copyright infringement is possibly a number of still images of a football game from Google images showing while me and a friend talk about the moment in the match in the background. I cant think of anything else it might be (no music, all other images are our own etc.)

Many thanks in advance