Smaller File Size: Free Video File Converter ~ USE THIS ~


I've Got It
So, I was recording with Loilo.
It's a pretty nice recording software to be free. It's very easy and simple to use. Only leaves a watermark unless you edit the video with Loilo Scope. (I record with Loilo and edit with a separate software because I'm broke atm)
So, when I record with Loilo, my videos range from 500mb within a minute or less of the video, and can get up to 11GB just from recording for half an hour!

Now, I'd like to help you all with uploading issues.
I use NCH Video File Converter. It's a free program that changes the settings of your video to greatly reduce the file size, and the settings are YouTube's recommended settings for uploading a video.
yes, that means the recommended audio and video file format. (I think it's called AAC or something like that? And the file is MP4. I really forgot the names, but I remember it being very compatible with Youtube, and matching the recommended settings).

It literally changed my 11.4GB video of League of Legends to 640MB! It's a real miracle and made uploading much better! And the quality of Loilo's recording stayed exactly the same!

I highly recommend it!~ You can purchase a version with better features and all that, too. If you'd like.
Get out there and support them!