Uploading video to YT by email / other means?


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I have created a YT channel for my motorcycle forum (no content yet).

I want to encourage users to provide their videos related to our bikes on our YT channel. But I do not want to give every member admin access to the channel
(too many cooks is bound to end it tears.. or something like that) :biggrin:

I'm wondering if there is some means by which people could upload a YT video to the channel (in theory it would remain in private until reviewed and published by me)


Have others addressed a similar issue and how did you make it workable?
I think it'd be simpler if people send you the files and then you upload them to YouTube. 2 solutions for sending your the files:

1) They send the video file via email from a gmail account. If they send with a gmail account, it will attach it as a Google drive link (to the cloud) so it won't take 2 hours to read/download the email.

2) If you have a Google Drive account, you can create a form through which people attach their file and it then gets uploaded directly to your Google Drive server. You then retrieve the file on your google drive and upload it to YouTube. To create the form, here is a tutorial with the code: https://www.labnol.org/internet/receive-files-in-google-drive/19697/ - It's quite a neat solution.

OR -

3) You could tell people to upload it to their own YouTube channel as an unlisted video and to share the Youtube link with you. You then download the video to your PC (using one of the many Youtube downloaders) and then reupload it to your channel. The downside is that the people who made the video might then be tempted to make the video public on their channel and you'll run into duplicate content issues. You'd have to ensure they actually delete the unlisted video from their channel before you reupload it.

Option 1 or 2 above is probably the best.