Making Videos Automatically Play in HD?


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Hello All, as you can see I'm new and confused. I have a question about uploading my videos and the quality that people see. I'm not sure if I'm in the right thread but I've looked around and thought I'd ask here. So my question, I'm uploading videos to my Chanel and I think they look great because I'm shooting them in 4K and viewing them on my YouTube channel using my Mac Book pro or iPhone. My brother called me to say it looks crappy on his end. I asked him if he had it playing in HD and he had to click and change the quality. Is there a way to have my videos automatically play in HD so my Family, Friends and people who view my channel get the best view?

Thanks for the help!
Youtube generally picks a quality based on your internet speed. So if your line is having a shitfit one day, you can watch videos without having to wait for buffering every few seconds.

As long as your internet is good, it will always pick the highest quality that it feels your internet can handle optimally.
I believe the YouTube default is set to auto-quality, which basically minimizes buffering time. I'll notice a video starting at non-HD quality and switching mid-video, when enough of it has loaded that the video won't buffer. I think YouTube does this because it knows people leave the site when videos buffer, so it tries to minimize that as much as possible.