Upload schedule: more = better?


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Hello everyone! I'm just starting out on youtube and I'm curious as to what your upload schedule was when you started. Did you start out with just a few a month or week? Or hot out of the gate with an upload every day? Have you changed your upload count and gotten better results? Do you think the upload time plays a huge part? Thanks in advance! :)
I'm trying to do at the very least 1-2 upload(s) every month whenever I gain motivation or an idea for a video. But technically speaking if you want results more does mean better due to the fact on how youtube system works. And in a nutshell the more video's you have the more likely youtube will promote you due to the amount of watch time gained from all those videos being put out in the internet space. So more minutes people spend watching your content the better. But I encourage you looking it up yourself to double check. This is just from what I've been personally told and research myself.
I thought that trying to get a video out every day would really start to help my channel. Granted it's only been a month of doing that, but I can't say I've seen amazing results.

With that said, every YT authority says that creating new content on a regular schedule is important for building a viewer base and its more likely to be the right answer.

On the flipside there's a channel called Top5s with a guy in the UK (would love to meet him to chat YT) who posts irregularly, maybe one or two a week, but he gets millions of views each time and has a crap ton of subscribers. His niche is the paranormal world, mysteries etc. I love his stuff.

If he can get big with a vid every now and then, clearly there are other variables beyond just "upload every day"
when I started I did a lot of videos and didn't get the best results, then I uploaded whenever I felt like it and it varied, now I have a schedule and it works a lot better as I can focus on the quality because I record and edit on different days rather then rushing it in a couple of hours.
I only started a few weeks ago, and I've been trying to post a few times a week: now, I just started a daily schedule, 'cause I want to get myself a little momentum and encourage myself into the habit of filming and working a little every day.

I do think that even just posting a few times a week, I've noticed that you gain more views back to back; what you need to remember is that not only is your video appearing new in the tags people are searching, when someone does watch a video of yours, they'll be recommended similar videos from you... If there are some to do so. The more videos you have, the more links people might be offered when watching your videos, et cetera. Building a back catalogue is still great over time, but when you do upload more often, that catalogue gets longer and longer.

Time of upload doesn't make as much of a difference as tagging your videos well, which is pretty crucial. Definitely get hold of a tool like TubeBuddy, or at least put the subject of your video into the search bar and see what the suggested results are to use as tags.
So it seems like it just depends! Right now I'm going to upload Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I'm worried that I'll lose momentum with a larger break from Saturday to Tueday :/
I tend to upload 5-7 times a week. I record all of my videos for the week after work on Tuesday and Wednesdays and spend all of the evenings and weekends Editing them as best I can!
I could do less I suppose but I refuse to give up.
So it seems like it just depends! Right now I'm going to upload Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I'm worried that I'll lose momentum with a larger break from Saturday to Tueday :/
Well, the key thing to keep in mind is that you don't really need to record and upload the same day. If you're worried about losing momentum and have free time during that weekend, you could easily just bulk record some footage and edit it together for you to upload whenever you feel like it. And if you're monetized, you can actually schedule uploads (but YouTube has a stricter monetization policy now, so that'll be something to look forward to in the future!)
The main thing is that it depends on the kind of video that you create, but for rule of thumb once a week is the sweet spot for more edited videos, and not flat recordings as a let's play may be. Even then, every other day or two days is better than daily, keeps the audience interested but without suffocating it.