upload schedule

  1. M

    Gaming Creating a channel for 5 people

    Hey everyone. I would like to create a channel for 5 people to upload on. Of course, this is more difficult than it seems. I would like to find 5 people that are very skilled in editing. Everyone would upload weekly (everyone has a scheduled day to upload). We all help each other in ways like...
  2. BrettTaylorYT

    Upload schedule problems

    I noticed that Sunday’s were the day that I was getting the most of views. Seeing this I decided to change my upload date to Sunday but ever since I did that my views have been dropping drastically. Why could this be happening? I changed my schedule uploading date to Monday to see if there will...
  3. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Upload Schedule for Small Toy Channel or Kids Channel?

    hello guys! It’s new year and we are thinking of changing our upload schedule from 2x a week (mon & thurs) in to once a week (thursday). Do you think it is worth to make the change, since that Mondays - Wednesdays is kinda slow for our toys channel. What you guys do or what is your schedule...
  4. dweebie

    Quality vs Quantity.

    I got myself to the point where I was uploading a new video every other week. The videos turned out to be on the garbage side, and I wasn't happy with them looking back on it. Jokes were fewer and further between, videos were much shorter and I left out big parts of games that I should have...
  5. Kaytonix

    Upload schedule: more = better?

    Hello everyone! I'm just starting out on youtube and I'm curious as to what your upload schedule was when you started. Did you start out with just a few a month or week? Or hot out of the gate with an upload every day? Have you changed your upload count and gotten better results? Do you think...
  6. The Unwanted Letter

    Is upload schedule really all that needed?

    So i've been thinking about this and because of school and youtube i know i can't have a consistent upload schedule because the videos i make take a little extra effort to get out and more time. So i believe that in some cases an upload schedule isn't really necessary, but you must stay in...
  7. FunWithTheBugs

    What's the Longest Break You Have Taken From YouTube?

    I have been uploading 2 videos a week consistanly for a few months now and spend hours everyday doing YouTube stuff and trying to grow our channel. I have been thinking about maybe taking a week or 2 off to refresh myself. What's the longest break you have taken from uploading and why. Did it...
  8. Niels Cornelissen

    When to upload?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering how you guys decide when to upload (and when not to upload). We have recently gained the feature of 'planning in' videos, but we are not sure how to use that efficiently. So, if you guys follow any schedual at all, how did you get to it?

    How often would you say you upload?

    so I'm a gamer and I upload everyday! I'd say I'm proud of that but of course it's easier compared to other kind of videos! I'd say that it affects my channel positively! I hope lol And we'll tell me about your upload schedule! And how it affects you?
  10. ItsMeRich

    How often should I upload

    While doing YouTube, it has come to my attention that making a schedule for when I upload is proving to be challenging. I do vlog and vlog-related things and I also have school to do. So please tell how often I should upload. (Any suggestions will help :)
  11. RJHoodie

    College and Youtube

    Hi everyone! I'm a new youtuber starting college in just a week, and I'm honestly wondering if it would be possible to keep up with the type of content that I usually (or will eventually) do: parodies, challenges, vlogs, and other comedic videos. I don't know if I should just formally stop...
  12. TheMix

    Upload Schedule?

    My channel focuses around comedy such as skits and a few other different things. With that being said its hard to put out daily videos so we just post when we can. Should we just upload when we can or have certain days?
  13. Little World View

    What day/time should you post a new video and why?

    Are you consistent with a certain time/day that you upload or is it wheneves?
  14. Djams

    Is daily vlogs too much videos??

    Hi guys! I was wondering if I should consider changing the way I upload videos to my channel! Right now I'm doing daily vlogs but I was thinking maybe people won't subscribe if they found it to be too much videos coming like everyday, so should I consider maybe upload weekly or every other day...
  15. Eyezak

    How Can I Make A Strong Upload Schedule?

    Hello! So, I have over 900+ subscribers on my channel, and I seem to be growing somewhat fast. However, I feel like I should have an upload schedule as most of the time my viewers don't really get a chance to see a specific video when it's up. Of course, I'm not expecting them to see it...
  16. AuthorFilms Studios

    How often do you upload? [POLL]

    So, I upload frequently on my YouTube channel, but I dont really have a schedule. I know I cant upload daily, but I cant upload too infrequetly as well. Does anyone know how frequently I should upload?
  17. GooberVlogs

    Do You Follow A Upload Schedule?

    Wazzzup Yttalkers =) Do you guys follow a upload schedule? Do you ever miss a day or two? I like to upload on Mondays and Fridays but sometimes I will get lazy due to work and upload it on another day or sometimes. I will make a video but have to edit it first before I upload to public. FOR...