How often do you upload? [POLL]

Roughly how often do you upload on YouTube?

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So, I upload frequently on my YouTube channel, but I dont really have a schedule. I know I cant upload daily, but I cant upload too infrequetly as well. Does anyone know how frequently I should upload?
In the beginning, it's best if you don't upload everyday. You don't want to burn yourself out of ideas. People will appreciate it if you tell them when you are planning to upload (aka Tuesday and Saturday every week) and then they know to check back then!
i try to upload once or twice a month, not sure what days in the month but it should be there. but other than that my upload time is completely random.
I do one a week. I feel like you don't HAVE to do something every day, but if you're not releasing at least once a week, then you're probably losing a little momentum.
The most common thing to do is upload once a week but I just don't have the time because of school so I just upload whenever I have time and I make sure whatever I upload is something that people would actually want to watch and not just get bored halfway through and click away
I feel like if people knew when you posted they are more likely to subscribe and keep watching your videos. So maybe upload at least 1 video every week on the same day
Completely randomly, though once a week on average for me.

When I'm caught up with reviewing a TV show, I try to get the review out the day after a new episode airs, but recently I've fallen behind and been backlogged so that hasn't been happening.
I upload at least once every week on Wednesday mornings and if I have time to make a bonus video I will upload it on Saturdays. I like to be at least a week ahead with my videos so I schedule them. The YouTube schedule feature is very handy and if you're not using it you should be. :)