1. NickNobody847

    Which Video Will Surpass 30 Billion Views First? What Do You Think?

    Type Your Answer Down Below.
  2. LCGaming

    Which Game Would You Want To See???

    Please choose a game you would like to see me, Jordan, play!!
  3. JackyB

    Which Username Do You Prefer

    Thanks for ur time!
  4. U

    YouTube Poll Cards

    Are their any SEO benefits? Is maybe a 'vote' as good as a 'comment' to evidence engagement? Does anybody have any insight on this? There is not much info on YouTube, nor from the usual video influencer brigade. Thanks
  5. J

    What should i pick ?

    I'm making a video about games being portayed by cartoons, I was about to make a Cuphead one. Which one should I pick to suit it better?
  6. FraYoshi

    Wikipedia | wikitubia

    A couple days ago I found this "wikitubia" and It caught my attention! I was thinking about creatin' a page when I thought It was something like wikipedia! So why not? I could also create a wikipedia page :) Have You ever created a wikipedia or wikitubia page of yours or of your channel/s? :)
  7. Landen

    Including Bloopers In Videos - Annoying or Funny? (Poll)

    I have a theory. Everyone loves bloopers. It's why bloopers of every TV show and movie you know and love go viral. The simple "oh they're human too and make funny mistakes" factor is always enjoying to see. So I made the decision from the start of all my videos to include my filming bloopers...
  8. AlaeTheAlien

    What name from these 2 I should choose ?

    Hey everyone :) I'm new to the community but I've been doing youtube for over a year, but I stopped uploading for 2 months so I'm trying to comeback , I've re-branded my channel from gfx/outros /intro. but I'm a bit confused about something, since I do gaming I used my username as my channel...
  9. brgaming

    help me choose!

    For my next playthrough guys - help me choose between the two games in the poll!
  10. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    What type of content you like to see on a youtube channel?

    Please Join The Poll....:):):)
  11. Benau

    What shape for audio animation?

    Hey all! Benau here, In my videos of my music, I have animated audio so you can see the levels as the song plays. What other shapes would be better or is the line good? Tell me in the poll above! Thanks!!!
  12. AliKat

    Which game should I play?? [ASAP]

    Just got an Elgato Capture card for my PS4, and I'm not sure which game to do an LP on. I need to record tonight as I won't have time over the next few days, so I really need help choosing as all the games are the same to me. The choices are Bloodborne Until Dawn The Last of Us Witcher III Dark...
  13. MechaJake

    Youtube Polls - Worth it with little views?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to get your opinion on adding polls to a Youtube video. I would really like to start having the community vote on videos they want to see but is this even possible when views are so low? Would it be just subscribers who vote or would random viewers vote as well? What are...
  14. Ewan Wilson

    Howdy All! What should I do Next?!!..

    Howdy all! I want to know what the community want to see my do next and you can tell me this by answering the questions I have put in this thread! TRY NOT TO CRINE or CONSPIRACY THEORIES?
  15. B

    Hiding number of Subs? Y/N Poll

    Is hiding your number of subs a good idea or a bad idea? i noticed on social blade that those with hidden subs are counted as 0 subscribers so i know it hurts your social blade ranking but on the flip side. if viewers can't see how many subscribers you have. they will sometimes guess the...
  16. Zhracolichian Studios

    Vote for a game that i play next

    What's up YT talk people, i've been around this place for a short while, made some new friends on the way, now i need your help! What game should i play next? I have a poll going up and running, so if you like the list of games, vote for your favourite! (also, if this isn't allowed on this...
  17. TheMix

    IRL or Gaming??

    Personally I prefer IRL(In Real Life) videos but clearly many people enjoy gaming more.I wanted to see what the community thought and where I stand with my opinion!
  18. Marriagestart

    ~Poll~Curiousity and Opinions about gaming (please vote at least!)

    So, i'm curious. i'd like to compile a list for a project i am working on currently. What do YOU think makes a good youtube channel? is it new games? is it editting effects, and if so: what kind?. is it the way the gamer dresses? anything you can think of! I'm still new and working on my...
  19. SeanFace101

    Annotations vs Cards?

    Which do you prefer to use in your videos to tell your viewer about a link, playlist or other video? Annotations or Cards? I don't have many annotations in my videos, but I have been starting to add quite a few cards across my videos. Not sure which I prefer though as I'm not sure which works...
  20. abhinavguptaonline

    POLL + Your Process: How Much Do You Spend & What Promo/Marketing Do You Do AFTER Video Creation?

    Hey all, I wanted to put up a Poll and Process post to get some feedback on ideas, tips and tricks that you all do or have tried and what your procedure is to promote and grow each of your videos. The Poll will outline how much MONEY the average Youtuber spends after uploading their video (On a...
  21. AuthorFilms Studios

    Do you get spam comments on your videos? [POLL]

    Luckily I havent got any yet, but have you?
  22. mTAoMM

    What Kind of Youtube Videos do you Watch?

    I'm just curious.
  23. AuthorFilms Studios

    How often do you upload? [POLL]

    So, I upload frequently on my YouTube channel, but I dont really have a schedule. I know I cant upload daily, but I cant upload too infrequetly as well. Does anyone know how frequently I should upload?
  24. AuthorFilms Studios

    If YouTube closed down?!? [POLL]

    So I was waiting for my video to upload, when had a strage thought! What if YouTube closed down, say tommorow? What would your opinion on the situation be? Would you ues other sites? If you had a carreer on youtube, what would you end up doing? Would you use any other site to publish your...
  25. Deltoy

    How Long Should an Intro Be?

    Let's face it -- People have short attention spans these days. So how long should an intro be? Should you even have an intro? Because people say it should be no shorter than 15 seconds max. When I make an intro I want it to be short and get right to the point. So I will make a poll on this.
  26. Nickel Earred Nick

    Suggested Titles

    Hey everyone! Just up early this morning, and I wanted to get a general consensus among youtube gamers on choosing games to play! What type of game would you prefer to watch or play?