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Good idea to Hide subs count?

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Is hiding your number of subs a good idea or a bad idea?

i noticed on social blade that those with hidden subs are counted as 0 subscribers so i know it hurts your social blade ranking but on the flip side. if viewers can't see how many subscribers you have. they will sometimes guess the number is higher than it actually is which can work in your favor.
I usually don't subscribe to channels with a hidden sub count. Usually channels with hidden sub counts hide them because they are either losing subs or a dead channel and they do not want people to see that. It's likely other people think as I do and assume that their channel is doing poorly. So in my opinion, I would not hide my sub count.
Hiding your subscribers isn't a good move to do. Show the people that enjoy your channel and your content and let that grow!
I say people shouldn't hide it. # of subscribers won't deter me from subscribing, as long as they have good content. Plus I'm always curious to know people's sub counts
Don't hide it. Transparency is revered. If you do hide it, people know that you don't have many subscribers anyway. And that's okay.
When I see a channel hiding their sub count I think "They must have fewer subscribers than they want and they're ashamed of it" :confused: