What website would you use if YouTube closed down?

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So I was waiting for my video to upload, when had a strage thought! What if YouTube closed down, say tommorow? What would your opinion on the situation be? Would you ues other sites? If you had a carreer on youtube, what would you end up doing? Would you use any other site to publish your content, or would you just quit being a creator?
Well, first and foremost, I'd be miffed. A lot of work went into my channel and it would be a right pain in my a**e if it all suddenly faded into the abyss of the Internet.

That being said, it's nothing I couldn't hopefully get back over time. Facebook tends to achieve quite high viewing figures, and almost everyone on the Internet uses it, so the networking potential is already there. I'd probably just stick to Facebook, but still use other social media as a means of sharing my work around.
I would just create my own website or blog and upload my videos there.

I know it's not the early 2000's anymore but I would still do that lol

Those kind of websites had a cooler design than modern sites have in my opinion.
There are plenty of other platforms to work on, personally I'd rather just use Twitch and Vimeo for my own personal content. But creating a website for content would be pretty cool, my friends and I were already planning on starting a website for our group content anyways.
I would see what other YouTubers do an follow them to another website.
But I'm not sure whether I would continue without any payments...