1. RenOperative

    Gaming Variety Gaming / Nerd Culture Search For Collaboration| 18+ | Consistency

    What’s up people of the internet!? My name is Renegade Operative and I am the co-host of a channel currently at 890 subscribers. Once again, we’re extensively searching for gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a gaming group centered on nerd culture. One of the...
  2. DangerNuggett

    Pre-recording warmup or ritual?

    Hey yttalk, I'm a new content creator and I was wondering if anyone has a pre-recording checklist, warmup, exercise etc that they do to get in the mood and mindset to record. For example, back when I used to take acting in highschool, we used to do a warmup exercise that involved making up a...
  3. Michael Masters

    Consistency is Focus on Repeat

    One of my favorite distractions is novelty. Novelty is my mind at play, always seeking to explore new terrain, and do everything except what I’m supposed to. What’s more fun than embarking on a new adventure? Well, when you’re a freelance graphic artist, with client work over here, and six...
  4. TyeDye

    Gaming Comedy

    Heeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!! Im looking for a crew to record with, more specifically, Im looking for fellow youtubers, who want to do comedy gameplay together. I want to be able to get on my PS4/PC, and join a game with my "Partners", and we just meme around. I Mainly play on PS4, and I have been...
  5. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF Consistent PS4 Collabrations With Other YouTubers

    What does my collaboration consists of? I would like to make a collaboration paladins, gta 5, overwatch monster hunter world, destiny 2, and Rainbow Six Seige ( On The PlayStation 4 ) in which we will be trying to create different forms and types of content in the game." What are the...
  6. ALEA freelicencemusic

    How often do you upload?

    I know that many people upload daily, or many times a week. I'm interested to know that the general trend is, since I really post whenever I feel like it :P and I have time to. Are you consistent? How often do you upload? And more important: How long does it take you to make a video? For me: a...
  7. dina

    Does Youtube Algorithm help when consistent?

    hi guys, just out of curiosity the whole YouTube algorithm seems to be a misery to me, everyone explains the algorithm differently, but i wanted to know if your YouTube channel's consistency and YouTube algorithm works hand in hand?
  8. Omeo

    An Inconsistent Schedule

    Hey, everyone. Does anyone know if it's bad to have an inconsistent publishing schedule, as long as we're posting at least once a week? For example, if I post one video this week, three videos next week, two videos the week after that, one video the week after that, two videos the week after...
  9. M

    How important is upload consitency?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how important is consistency when uploading videos, as in, if I upload on Mondays, should I try to always upload on Mondays? I know some channels say "new videos on Wednesdays" and things like that, is it necessary to always upload on the same date and are there any...
  10. F

    Help- Sudden Slow Channel Growth?

    Hi, everyone. I have a growing channel that recently hit 400,000 subscribers and then the growth seemed to totally stagnate and I just can't seem to figure it out, and I don't know how concerned I should be. I have months of "massive" growth followed by major slows. Throwing some analytics your...
  11. JRuncie

    Fourth Video... Are we on the right track?

    Hey All, Brand new to YouTube. If you jump into my profile, or onto our YouTube channel you'll get the full story. I am looking for constructive feedback on the last video we posted. (see link below) I would give them a C rating presently. Sound consistency is not there yet, story flow is a...
  12. Laura Wills

    How do you stay consistent?!

    Hey Everyone! My name is Laura and my boyfriend, Richie, and I share a vlogging channel where we film our lives here in south Florida! We started our channel a few months go and since then have struggled a bit with uploading consistently. For the first few weeks we were uploading almost daily...
  13. ChilledAffinity

    Consistency Vs One hit wonders

    This is just some food for thought and id like to hear some opinions. So on FB i have a group chat with a few YT friends. One of them had a review channel and when he went from doing movies to focusing on one series consistently his channel sky rocketed and he went from 200 subs to over 1k in...
  14. MistyEmma

    Feeling demotivated sometimes on YouTube?

    Here's some tips to help you get back up on your feet!
  15. TheAlphaJayShow

    Quality? Consistent? Shareable? (Buzzwords Explained)

    I love guides about YouTube. I usually learn a lot from some of the greater ones. However many times I see the same words come up in many guides that rarely any of them take the time to explain. Consider this post to explain some of the more simple concepts of words that you may or may have not...
  16. That BioMechanical Dude

    Leveling the volume in audio commentaries

    As a reviewer, one of the key parts in my videos is the audio commentary. It has to be clean and consistent, in order to be easily understandable. However I've been having a problem with the volume levels. They are inconsistent. A sentence can have some words or syllables with a very high volume...
  17. AuthorFilms Studios

    How often do you upload? [POLL]

    So, I upload frequently on my YouTube channel, but I dont really have a schedule. I know I cant upload daily, but I cant upload too infrequetly as well. Does anyone know how frequently I should upload?
  18. FanoBelmont

    Building an effective Schedule

    Hello guys. I want to hear you opinion on this topic and see if anyone has any particular tips or strategies that have worked for you. I focus on gaming videos, but I don't think this should be limited to gaming. As I am starting to create content, I get more and more excited with the...