Consistency is Focus on Repeat

Michael Masters

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May 9, 2018
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Ovid, MI
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One of my favorite distractions is novelty.

Novelty is my mind at play, always seeking to explore new terrain, and do everything except what I’m supposed to. What’s more fun than embarking on a new adventure?

Well, when you’re a freelance graphic artist, with client work over here, and six hours to ship it before the kids get home — Oh, don’t forget that you’ve already pledged your devotion to chipping away at these few personal goals over there. There’s no time for play.

But is there? Instead of pushing against our annoyingly bubbly young friend, let’s give him a job to do.

OK, Novelty, have it your way. Here are the 3 core tasks I set out to do today. This one here is the most vital. And this is the problem we’re going to solve. I’ll jot it down, in case you try to venture elsewhere. Now, go play.
Want to be more consistent? Create a simple habit that favors focus, then do it again tomorrow, then again and again.