What's the Longest Break You Have Taken From YouTube?


I've Got It
I have been uploading 2 videos a week consistanly for a few months now and spend hours everyday doing YouTube stuff and trying to grow our channel. I have been thinking about maybe taking a week or 2 off to refresh myself.

What's the longest break you have taken from uploading and why. Did it have any effect on your channel growth, either positive or negative?
I think around 2 weeks. I do not think it had any visible effect on channel stats. We were also uploading around 2 videos per week (recently just one or less).
5 years. Lmao. But two different channels. I've had this YTTalk account since 2012 when I had my first YouTube channel, and I just remade one now that I'm out of college and have a big boy job and can focus on other things besides having a mental breakdown in my car over a failed psychology test.

On this current channel? I haven't.. I've been doing my best to upload weekly and have been doing so since January when I made it.
I don't remember how long my first break was, but it was before I was doing consistent videos. I recently got done with a 3-month break. It has had no effect on my channel because videos were still being published on a regular basis. I had already uploaded them and scheduled them to be published at certain dates, which is why I felt comfortable taking the break.
Ive had several breaks of a couple of months off or more and it has done no harm.
Ive also got several dormant channels that I havnt uploaded to in years and they still pull the same amount of views/new subs as always.