I've Got It
Hey everyone. I would like to create a channel for 5 people to upload on. Of course, this is more difficult than it seems. I would like to find 5 people that are very skilled in editing. Everyone would upload weekly (everyone has a scheduled day to upload). We all help each other in ways like thumbnails or editing or something. What everyone gains from this is that your channel you have now, will get more exposure and can gain subs and views as the group channel does as well. We will figure out more things as time goes on. Also maybe another question running though your head might be "But what about time zones?" I am in EST. I believe everyone in America should be fine but people in Europe and further might not be. Having 5 people in EST would be great but it cant always happen. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE GAMING

I would also like to have a scheduled "podcast" to do weekly as well. We will pick a topic to talk about for like an hour as we play a game and talk about that topic unless we find another topic. I Believe in quality and quantity so skipping your upload schedule is not what we want. (Schedule goes by the day, not the time of day).

I really do think this can help all 5 people become better YouTubers. But I do have requirements, not many.

1. Have a good microphone, no one is going to listen to static...
2. Be respectful and nice to all 5 people
3. Be able to edit very very well.
4. Choose one type of video to upload (If people expect you to upload a gaming video one day and you upload a tutorial, they wont be happy..)(Choose like funny moments, tutorials, serious moments, how to videos)
5. Keep your upload schedule on par. (Of course if you cant upload for some reason, the other 4 people will/should have a video ready to take your place for that week.)

There isnt really any age or gender requirement, as long as you arent annoying and toxic..
Once i choose the first person to join me, then we will choose the next and then me andand the others will choose. Its not a first come first serve. We also will not allow reuploads (So if you already uploaded a video on your main channel, you cannot upload it on the group channel. All games are allowed (just be sure to blur if needed).

If you are interested, please contact me on Discord: MellishGaming#9650