edit very well

  1. zindagikamaal

    Need some tips to edit a video so that the viewers find my videos engaging and interactive?

    I am not a video editor but I am really curious about tips and tricks to make a well-edited video that helps to get engagements and views on my videos. Link to my channel- https://www.youtube.com/c/KamaalZindagi/
  2. huntermourad

    Help Make Voice Acting Narration Project

    I need help making my project it's a narration side Channel where I take creepypasta readings or just Reddit true stories and translate the script to Arabic and then narrate it myself and then add pics. So what I need your help with is actually just syncing the audio to the pics in a slide show...
  3. M

    Gaming Creating a channel for 5 people

    Hey everyone. I would like to create a channel for 5 people to upload on. Of course, this is more difficult than it seems. I would like to find 5 people that are very skilled in editing. Everyone would upload weekly (everyone has a scheduled day to upload). We all help each other in ways like...