You are DYING! - Stop following the Rat Race


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You are DYING! - Stop following the Rat Race

After you were born life flashes before your eyes. From the moment you were born you were dying. You are getting older and every second that passes by is a second that you can't take back.

The problem is that we live like we have a million years to live. We don't take action on what we really want to do. We follow the normal rat race. Study, get a job, marry, get kids, die. We don't find our passions we just take the same path over and over again.

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I only followed that "rat race" to a point. Yes I got married and raised kids; but I never fully entered the so-called job market. I had a passion and that passion which I still have is Hypnosis. I founded my YouTube channel so that I could live my dream of helping as many people as possible with the art of hypnosis, and do it without the encumbrance of an office practice.
Half of that "rat race" is unobtainable for me. I sacrificed my social and love life for going to college and studying hard to be an engineer. And my reward? I got to go to to the corporate world, work even HARDER (as much as 90 hours a week), get treated even WORSE than I did in college (by business majors/middle management), and the high pay that everyone talked about? Yeah, that's gone too. It hasn't existed in 5-7 years now. Your best hope is to work with the government (pay is a little worse, but 40 hours actually means 40 hours with them, so the most you ever work a week is 45), but that means giving up many good friends for me as well.

I'm trying to play catch-up with my life now. That's why I'm sacrificing whatever savings I have to follow a new path and just hope that it works. I'm actually considering doing a video about my experiences someday, but I'd wait until I am a little larger first.