1. Heather White

    Lower Body Exercises Without Equipment

    I want to share my video on lower body workouts you can do in the comfort of your own livingroom. There is no excuse to not workout ladies! I'd love for you to share this with your friends to maybe inspire someone to not be a couch potato. Heather xo!
  2. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  3. Smartie

    What really motivates you?

    At some point and time. We all find it difficult at the start of a new channel. Always working hard to make it up there. Yet it feels like forever and want to give up. What motivate you guys to keep going?
  4. J

    Who Inspired You to Create Your YouTube Channel?

    Hey guys! Who or what inspired you to create your channel? It can be anybody or anything. A another YouTuber, Traditional celebrity, family, friends, or a specific video. It can even be something like an overall feeling in your life. So what or who inspired you to create your channel, and why...
  5. J

    How to Stop Procrastinating in 10 Steps!

    My latest video: Thanks if you check it out! :D
  6. Sarah&Fam

    I need a shove..

    I need someone to push me to conquer my dream. I suffer from extremely depression and some anxiety and I would like to harness it to make amazing content. But depression and anxiety make me want to curl up in bed and do nothing.. someone motivate me.. How do you get out of your funks?
  7. Robert Squires

    Vlog I'm a motivational speaker and life coach

    looking to collab with people in the nyc area leave me a message let me know you niche
  8. CoolMoo5

    Post a YouTube Tip

    Reply to this with a SINGLE YouTube tip. Anything that a YouTuber might find helpful. It can be an obvious tip or something a little more complicated. You don't have to agree with all tips posted. I thought it would be cool to have a whole thread of YouTube tips that are short and easy to...