1. atravelreader

    How to choose tags?

    I hope you all are fine. I'm new to the community and recently make a YouTube channel on motivational and inspirational videos in Punjabi, Hindi and English. Please help me with the ideas to get 1000 subscribers fast. And would like to know how we choose our tags for the video and how they rank...
  2. kenziecantdraw

    How to Stay Motivated When Subs Are Dropping

    I started building my channel in Fall of 2018. By December I had over 700 subscribers. Unfortunately, due to a mental health issue, I had to take a break from YouTube and was inactive for 6 months. During that time I lost a couple subs, but mostly gained. I was even invited to become a...
  3. TheEzeJC

    How to get past the mindset of “this video should be good.”

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on how to get past the mindset of “this video should be good.” Lately, I’ve been trying to make some videos, but I keep stopping myself. Sometimes I record, but then delete the recording. Other times, I consider recording, but I don’t. Mostly the reasons I...
  4. BeardyVlogs

    I need your help! Loss of will to record after a long day at work

    YO! so straight to the point. Does anyone have any advice on fighting through the urge to just chill out after a long day? Let me paint the scene for ya really quick. -Wake at 4am, go gym then straight to work after, finish work around 6pm, get home around 7pm. In bed by around 9/10. So...
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Perfection Is YOUR Enemy - YouTube Productivity RANT

    Perfection Is YOUR Enemy - YouTube Productivity #RANT // Churchill once said - Perfection is the Enemy of Progress! Quality vs Quality is an argument we all have with ourselves but the search for perfection maybe slowing you down and harming the growth of your channel. If you don't get out there...
  6. Scandinavian Freckles

    Taking a toll on me

    Hey everyone, I'ts been a minute since I was here last. So much stuff happening over the last year that life has gotten in the way of pretty much everything. Just getting back into YT and it feels so good to be back. I am figuring out my editing style, and planning new videos.. Life is...
  7. Boseen

    Motivational group

    I'm not sure if it's the right place to post this, but I hope it's allowed. For the longest time I have been struggling to post regularly due to motivation, lack of ideas or other reasons. So I had enough, but I do not know where to start. So I thought it would be fun to get a motivational...
  8. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Stay Motivated on YouTube - 5 Tips to Avoid YouTube Burnout

  9. BrettTaylorYT


    how do you stay motivated to make videos? I feel I have a bunch of ideas all at once so I make a bunch of videos and it’s great! But then I go through almost a dry spell I guess. Where I don’t get anything and don’t film anything. How do you have that be constant...? I’m worried I’ll become too...
  10. Scootakip [Lana]

    Forcing motivation?

    Is there a way to force motivation to finish video scripts? I have so many unfinished scripts because I just don't have the motivation to finish them for whatever reason. Occasionally I'll have a burst of motivation and finally finish something, but that's quite rare. I'd appreciate any help...
  11. FrenchiseGaming

    50 SUBS! Super Excited [Collab?]

    I love the grind, and to see individuals sub to my channel and getting comments knowing that I made them laugh and they enjoy the content. But does anyone want to collab? Always wanting to grow and reach more people so if you have the same mindset lets do it!
  12. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Setting Yourself Goals - How To Grow On YouTube - #RANT

  13. Justin Bernardino

    Video Ideas

    Would you guys be interested in videos in which I talk about personal stories to help inspire and make people happy? I'll also try to do something different and bring guest people and get them to share their own stories too so people can hear others stories
  14. Brettinator

    Tips on Motivation?

    Hey. I am new to the youtube daily vlogging. So new, that I haven't even started yet... The reason as to WHY I haven't started is because I am afraid I won't be able to keep up with the daily vlogs or I will get bored with it... I want to reach 1,000 subscribers but I know I can only do that if...
  15. The Outcome

    How To Fail Better

  16. The Outcome

    Ellen Degeneres' Story Will Change Your Life

    Check it out guys and feel free to provide feedback! Cheers :)
  17. Ashlee Warfield

    Needing A Little Motivation?

    Hello Everyone! I started youtube 2 years ago, dreamed about being a big star one day, which I guess everyone wishes to be as well and I posted quite a while ago trying to help others in this forum with motivation which actually helped! I had a break from making YouTube videos for about 5...
  18. TheInfamousBanana


    Everyday i live unhappy because a passion a dream that i can't live out... See im only 13 years old I got get told "Don't talk in your videos because that would be cringe" So i never did.. I just made montages and videos i didden't enjoy making. Now i want to change but i don't know how i can't...
  19. portiz

    is this too heavy?

    im 5'5'' 150lbs. is this too heavy?
  20. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    100 videos 78 subscribers (YouTube Motivation)

    MKBHD! One of the most popular tech YouTuber.After posting 100 videos he got around 78 subs.But he never gave up reason now he has 4M subs on YouTube. Success is something that is not equal for everyone, some might get success around 2-3 months & for some, it may take 2-3 years.Just never give...
  21. portiz

    Bicep and shoulder quick workout

    Helo guys here is one of my workout videos for bicep and shoulder if you are interested in taking a look and go for a workout.
  22. BrandyKoopa

    how do my channel look

    Recently started my CPU vs CPU channel page, and I just wanted to know what you guys thought of my videos, thumbnails, Banner, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated Link to channel:
  23. N

    I have something to get off of my chest...

  24. Landen

    How Do You Stay Motivated?

    The biggest struggle I'm finding right now is to continue staying motivated to make content. I think it can be easy for those of us with jobs and other things going on in life to become distracted from the passion to create videos. I find it especially harder because I'm impatient with how much...
  25. East To West Vlogs

    Other Motivational/Inspirational Collaboration!

    I'll keep it short and to the point. I'm a growing Motivational Speaker from the UK, and I want to expand across the globe! I'm wondering if there are people who do similar things and would like to work together :) Let me know! A.
  26. East To West Vlogs

    Can You Help Me Improve?

    Hey guys! Recently started my Motivational Channel page, and I just wanted to know what you guys thought of my videos, thumbnails, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated! Take care. A.
  27. Heather White

    No Run! Fun Treadmill Workout

    Episode 2 of my Fit Vacation series! No Running Needed Treadmill Workout That Tones Your Whole Body. Most hotel gyms at least have a treadmill, so you can do these exercises with one machine. If you love this video, make sure you check out my other ones on my channel. You are more likely to...
  28. Heather White

    No Weights Needed Arm Workout For Complete Beginners

    My newest video is uploaded and ready for you! I walk you step by step through 7 different arm exercises that DO NOT require any weights of equipment. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe for new videos every week. I have tons more workouts, recipes, fitness tips and so much more on my...
  29. Heather White

    Huge, Cheap Workout Clothing Haul

    Another workout haul and try on uploaded on my channel! I got all these amazing workout clothes for under $130! I found Nike, New Balance, Reebok, and Under Amor. Check out my newest additions to my collection. If you enjoy, don't forget to like my video on my channel and subscribe to show your...
  30. Axiom Brevity

    Reached 100 Subscribers! (With Advice)

    Hello everyone, After starting a tech channel from nothing, having a newborn, editing and doing post production late at night, trying to stay consistent, and offer value to my community, I have finally reached the first milestone! Its a great experience and I took me 5 months to do so. Some...