1. MegaCrasher

    Never Give Up! "I Can And I Will!" #WednesdayWisdom (UNSCRIPTED)

    Pretty much as the title says my friends & family! :] I bring you another on the spot rant/unscripted video where I share more of my thoughts with you guys and it involves things like never giving up, issues with YouTube, loss of people subbed to our community and more. The most important thing...
  2. Merlina Rodas

    Motivation to keep posting?

    Hey all! So i was aware when I started my channel that I wouldn't get many views, subscribers etc in the first few months and maybe not even for years... but now that I'm actually going through with it I just, I don't know, I guess I just feel weird posting for "no one". Especially when I...
  3. Heather White

    When To Replace Running Shoes & How To Get Fitted

    Proper footwear is so important in seeing the most out of your workouts. Here's some tips to go by when to replace them and how to get fitted! If you enjoy, share and subscribe to show your support and spread health and awareness. The Importance of Proper Footwear Heather
  4. Heather White

    How To Meal Prep Chicken Recipes For The Whole Week

    A step by step guide to meal prepping chicken for beginners. Awesome for anyone trying to lose weight or build muscle! Chicken Meal Prep Recipes
  5. Heather White

    At Home Upper Body Workout With Dumbbells

    I guide you through step by step in an easy at home upper body exercise routine. All you need is a light pair of dumbbells or just your body weight. Upper Body Workout Routine
  6. Rieverze

    This is my road to the top!

    I just started out, but that doesn't mean we can't have ambition!
  7. Heather White

    5 Running Tips For Newbies

    Tips for new runners or experienced runners who need a few more pointers. You can find running and hiking vlogs also on my channel as well as fitness tips. How To Start Running: Tips For New Runners
  8. Heather White

    Hiking Vlog: Ep. 1: White Rock

    Come along with me and my best friend on our first hiking adventure! Hiking Vlog: Ep. 1
  9. Dismal Bliss

    The Struggle Is Real..... But You Can Do It!!

    We all face struggles. But we all have the power to overcome it.
  10. Heather White

    Advice For A Motivated Newbie

    I am looking for a free or cheap editing software I can use on Iphone7 or Apple desktop. I'm also concerned about the video quality. When they are uploaded to YouTube, it seems like it loses the HD and looks static. Any advice?
  11. Heather White

    Reasons Why More Women Should Strength Train

    Here are a few of my top reasons why more women need to be strength training. 5 Reasons Women Should Strength Train
  12. ProjectAlpha101

    100+ Subscribers!

    Just reached my first 100 subscribers! I never thought it would happen that fast I am so happy but there is a long way to go! Consistency is key, I hope all of you reach your milestones and push towards your growth in the YouTube community. -Amir
  13. Heather White

    Running Vlog- Episode 5

    I take you for a 3-mile run around the neighborhood. This series is meant to get you up and outside! A little motivation for anyone considering stepping up their fitness level. Running Vlog- Episode 5
  14. Heather White

    7 Most Effective Core Exercises

    I demonstrate and explain 7 ab workouts you can do at home without any equipment. 7 Best Core Exercises Without Equipment
  15. Heather White

    Episode 1-Running Vlog: Around The Block

    Come run with me around the neighborhood! I hope this vlog gives you all the motivation and inspiration you need to get outside and run! Running Vlog- Episode 1
  16. L337H4X0RZZ

    Lack of Motivation - Any Suggestions?

    Hello all. So for the past almost two months or so I've been away from YouTube completely, all because of a lack of motivation to actually do anything. I've wanted to make videos and I've made a few that I've not got round to editing. I'm not sure what is driving this lack of motivation. I have...
  17. Everything Supreme

    How To Stay Motivated When Things Go Wrong?

    How do you guys usually stay motivated to make videos or recreate/edit videos that have either been deleted while editing or uploading. Also how does everyone stay motivated to make more (obviously if your videos are doing well its easy) but when things are going bad how do you keep your motivation?
  18. Christian James

    Vlog [closed] Motivational Daily Vlogger Collab

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for someone who is a daily vlogger hopefully with a motivational message similar to mine. Not bothered about location. Let me know if you are interested. I have worked before with NateTimeTv and Sam The Vlog. I have lots of ideas so let me know if you would like...
  19. Julius Gacgacao

    The 28 days Challenge!

    Challenge yourself! Upload a video and set a reminder for 28 days. During these 28 days: 1) Try your best not to look at you analytics 2) Make as much content as you possibly can, and work on them as hard as you can. After 28 days, look at your analytics are you happy with what you see? I'm...
  20. Isanthe Autumn


    Hey guys! So, just as a human, I have an awful time budgeting my time, and sticking to schedules I make. I have stopped making videos, and now I feel bad about it, because I'm thinking about it all the time, and I really want to get back to it. I have several problems that I can't seem to get...
  21. S

    Struggling With Motivation...

    I just do not know how to keep the feeling of wanting to upload. It is as if I want to but I don't do it, because "I'll record tomorrow". I need help sticking to uploading and recording..
  22. Readee

    Goals for 2016

    Hi everyone I just started my channel last week and am now hooked on making Youtube videos. So i'm now want to set myself some Goals for 2016. I was thinking around 1000 subs by the end of next year. do you think this is a realistic goal or am i setting the bar to high or low? would love to hear...
  23. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Staying motivated...

  24. 1BY1

    Other Collaboration to help people reach their goals

    Hey you guys im still new to the youtube family and my goal is to help people and im looking for people of a similar channel to mine if you have fitness related, nutrition related, personal issues related and just personal development related channels that would be willing to collaborate and...
  25. Ayden TravelsandToys

    I make 5 cents a video. Lol.

    I spent so much time making videos that I'm getting 1¢ per hour after everything. Lol. Anyone else in the same boat? What is your motivation to keep moving forward?
  26. KantoGaming


    I can't help but not have the motivation to make youtube videos because I feel like they are terrible quality. I understand the whole do YouTube cause you have fun with it, and I do have fun, I just get embarrassed to put my videos out sometimes because I feel like they are terrible So yeah...
  27. Smartie

    What really motivates you?

    At some point and time. We all find it difficult at the start of a new channel. Always working hard to make it up there. Yet it feels like forever and want to give up. What motivate you guys to keep going?
  28. TheMix

    How far will you go?

    Our channel is a group of 4 best friends and our dream is to have a career in YouTube. We are determined to achieve that goal so there for we put in hours and hours of hard work. Most of us are up doing stuff for the channel even when we need sleep or have to get up early. The grind won't stop...
  29. TheMix

    Inspiration and motivation?

    What gives you guys the motivation and inspiration to make new and original youtube videos?
  30. Its Ryan


    Hey guys are you having the same problem that I have with yt. One of the hardest things that i think that all youtubers have to go through is motivation. There is a bunch of doubt when you go into youtube. What do you guys do to motivate yourself and what should i do to help myself?