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How long did it take you to reach 100 subs?

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Axiom Brevity

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Hello everyone,

After starting a tech channel from nothing, having a newborn, editing and doing post production late at night, trying to stay consistent, and offer value to my community, I have finally reached the first milestone! Its a great experience and I took me 5 months to do so.

Some tips for smaller You tubers:

Think of what "clear value" you offer your audience and put it into action.

Stay consistent and try to upload at least once every week (come to find out this might not even be enough anymore)

Solve simple problems and assume people need help with it.

Persevere - you will feel discouraged if you compare yourself to other channels that grow faster than you. Put on the blinders and push through that funk.

Put in the work - nothing of value and substance happens without sacrifice. Learn as much as you can, and give it to your audience.

My next milestone is 500 subs and 10,000 views. I definitely feel like the tortoise rather than the hair but You Tube is a marathon; so pace yourself, enjoy the journey, and don't lose yourself in the process.

I appreciate everyone in this community and remember whenever you pour water into the ocean all boats rise. Lets keep helping each other and pressing on.

i hit 100 and yeah i agree uploading daily helps !! as well catching a trendy topic can help i complained about xbox removing the upload feature and lot of gamers flocked to the video !!
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