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  1. G


    I just recently started a youtube channel but it hasn't gotten a lot of views yet. I am afraid it would go to waste. Can someone advice me or give a tip to gain youtube views?
  2. TeeDottie1

    Vlog We just want to make you all laugh and smile!!

    Hi there loves!! It's Tee from Tee & Zee Dott on yt... We're looking to make new youtube friends!! and maybe hopefully collab someday. WE live in Upstate NY .. Rochester Ny area!! Please hit us for suggestions.. peace!
  3. JonnyBoi

    Where do you see your channel in the future?

    I know most of you must have goals or accomplishments you wish to achieve with your channel, or why would you even continue making videos? Do you see yourself as making it BIG, in the youtuber community? Or do you only plan on doing it 'till... for example; college, or a better job. Are you...
  4. Gamie

    has anybody heard about for video sharing?

    i want to know few information regarding,if u can help i'll very glad.
  5. alexmanzano

    I just made my first episode on YouTube

    So my channel is about basketball and it consist of various bits about basketball (i.e. news, basketball reenactments, history, silly raps, game highlights, etc.). Oh and it's called 3ball, and I'm the host! My goal with this channel is to be more entertaining than my competitors since most of...
  6. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  7. Heather White

    Subscriber Milestone!

    Happy to share that I hit 50 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It's taking a lot longer to build my following than I expected, but I'm looking forward to seeing where next month takes me. Don't give up!
  8. Christina Lado

    New Youtuber: Channel Feedback/Advice/Criticism

    Hey guys! I have been on YouTube for a little over 2 months now and have 555 subscribers. I would love it if anyone would be kind enough to check out my channel and give me some pointers. I had no clue what I was doing starting this and have been learning as I go. I am not sensitive so let me...
  9. The top 5

    Should I Start a New Youtube Channel ?!

    I have been doing youtube for almost two years now, and I have deleted a lot of videos. I haven't been consistent and I plan on being more consistent in the future and recent changes my channel niche. I have around 3300 subs. But I don't think I will get a lot of view with my new uploads. You...
  10. Scimplify

    900 subscribers | 2 months on YouTube !!!

    Hello there, I have been around on YouTube for more than 2 months now, and am on 978 subscribers at the moment. It was a really slow start for me, but I was lucky to get a shoutout from another YouTuber. That really boosted things. My channel is about food/health/nutrition and breaking myths...
  11. Nathan Robson

    Really needing ideas for videos, any help is appreciated help

    Hey guys so I made a YouTube channel yesterday after waiting for years to do it properly and I've already uploaded a semi-introduction video but I'm really stuck on what to do next. I would prefer to do gaming videos and vlogging with my own personal touches that intergrate my personality into...
  12. CelyD87

    New KidsChannel!!!! Need Advise and Feedback

    Ok so I just started a kid's youtube channel 3 months ago called, "Jordans Adventures and Toys" so far I think its going Ok, I dont know what to compare it to. I appreciate all the comments people leave on the videos but sometimes I feel everyone is being extra nice on Youtube. I would really...
  13. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Need advice to get first 100 subs :)

    Hello best friends, My name is Rohan.I just running a YouTube channel on my name where I post Tutorials,Tips & Tricks,Techs video.I always try to give you guys some quality content.I already got my 18 subscriber in 1 month.I am a new YouTuber so I need tips & advice to get my first 100 subs...
  14. ItsMeRich

    What is the best free editing system to use

    I have found out that starting out on YouTube is very because making videos with out a good editing system can be very hard. So I wanted to know what decent editing systems (that are free) I could use.
  15. Nedko Chulev

    When did you start monetising?

    Plain and simple - what the title says. I find it interesting to see how much each video is "earning" but I have heard it is more likely to hurt a new channel. So I was wondering when did you guys decide to pick it up? Cheers
  16. L

    Gaming New YouTuber looking for a group to record with on PC

    Hello there, I am looking for at least 3 to 4 people to record some videos with on PC. I have the games everyone has like: CS:GO, Garrys Mod, GTA and a load of others. Looking for people aged 16+. When playing I don't want to take everything so seriously, I just want to enjoy myself. I use...
  17. Senior Savage

    Just getting started... Reaching out for help

    Ok so I have literally just started like August 2nd was my first video, I now have 4 videos out I've gotten a few views, like legit this popped up and people actually clicked and watched but. No comments. No likes or dislikes and no Subs. I still feel pretty good about getting 30 views total so...
  18. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have always wanted to know this. I know that twitter is a very important for promoting your youtube channel, but I don't know how to use it properly. Can any one please tell me how I can use twitter to my advantage? THANKS!!!!
  19. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I am a new gamer and I have a big question for you guys. I have been posting every Sunday and Wednesday, but the problem is I feel like I should be posting more. Should I post more or not because my videos take a long time to edit (if you look at them you can see). I was thinking of...
  20. Hazzador

    Shoutout Sunday and Spammers outside the gaming community

    I have a gaming channel and get to see a lot of spammers in the community. Things like shoutout sundays are also all over the place and its just just annoying. I was just wondering if people who have other sorts of channels have people like this in their comment section and stuff, outside of the...
  21. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I just posted a new youtube video and i did a lot of things that I would usually do. So if you would like to check it out and help me a bit on critiquing my video that would be amazing!! YT: Its Ryan
  22. AlphaAyana

    Gaming I play TF2 on my channel

    Hello, I'm a new youtuber and Im hoping to get 100 subs by the end of this year. So if you like tf2 you'll like my channel
  23. Rachel Berry

    Smart, Effective Means of Channel Promotion

    Hi, guys! So, I am still pretty new to YouTube. I've been kind of experimenting with the concept of promotion, but haven't really come across any methods that are effective. Please don't get me wrong here- I am not referring to the kind of self-promotion that is so insistent and repetitive that...
  24. CupieCakez

    Beauty/Makeup Let's Collab! I do Beauty Makeup, SFX, & MORE!

    Hi, I am a fun, creative, crazy girl passionate for the arts. I am a certified professional makeup artist based in Las Vegas USA. NEW YouTuber Looking for friends in the YouTube Community to grow with doing Makeup, Vlogs, Lifestyle, anything Art related vids! I would LOVE to collaborate with...
  25. Elllisaurus

    Good cameras?

    Hi there, I have a question. For a youtube channel I need a decent camera, a good one is preferred but it's not necessary yet. I have a budget of around 400-600 euros including a stand for the camera and a good memory card. What cameras would you recommend, and why?
  26. TheMercenaree

    BEGINNING THE FOREST TEMPLE | Twilight Princess HD: Part 11

    We start the forest temple in this episode. We also learn a new skill that's pretty awesome. If you want to check out more of my videos, then click that red box below.
  27. TheMercenaree

    3 GIANT BOSSES?!?!?! | Hyrule Warriors (Legend Mode): Part 28

    We have King Dodongo, Manhandla, and Gohma all making a return in this episode, and we have to defeat them ALL!!! It's gonna be challenging. If you want to watch more of my stuff, just click the red box below.
  28. Krisis Gaming

    I am so EXCITED

    I dont know if I am over exaggerating my excitement but I recently remade my youtube channel because my old one had issues but thats irrelevant.... I made my channel 6 days ago (Cant count today as its too early to count lol otherwise it would be 7) and it is already at 30 subscribers! My...
  29. TheMercenaree

    THE TEARS OF LIGHT | Twilight Princess HD: Part 10

    We are tasked with filling the Vessel of Light with Tears of Light in this episode, and that's exactly what we do. If you want to check out more of my videos, just click the red box below.
  30. TheMercenaree

    WE ARE THE ENEMIES?!? | Hyrule Warriors: Part 27

    In this episode, we play as Ganondorf for the first time (he is also the only playable character we can use at this time). That leads me to believe that we are the enemies this time, but I wouldn't be sure. Eh, just watch the video. If you want to see more of my content, click the red box...