1. Purely Peña

    Can I get in trouble for make a video trashing another Youtuber?

    Okay so here is the deal, I have a cyber bully who happens to be a Youtuber. I have been begged by a lot of my subscribers to make a video exposing them. I will not be claiming anything that is not true, so I don't think I could get in trouble for that. Mainly my concern is, I do not want my...
  2. G

    Music Musicians Wanted :)

    Hi everyone! I'm a youtuber who does covers and I'm currently looking for other artists to collaborate with! I'm thinking of cross promoting by doing 2 covers, one for my channel and one for yours! You can pick any song you like for your channel and vice versa. I am currently also seeking for a...
  3. Sixshades

    Meet Up/Gathering LONDON MEET UP/COLLAB :)

    Hey guys! We are six guys located in London and have recently started youtube and we're looking for people to collab we! We do all types of videos, ranging from football/wrestling videos to pranks and public videos, we also do film and music reviews so if anybody's interested just hit us up...
  4. TwoTakes

    Youtubers that also work full time in a completely unrelated job?

    It can be really tricky, we both work 40+ hours a week and our videos take on average between 8- 20 hours to make so for us to meet our aim of upload once every two weeks it has a big impact on the amount of time we can spend doing anything else! Been trying to get through Fall Out 4 but its...
  5. Jokerz R Us

    Comedy Looking to collab in Toronto

    Hello there, I've been looking to collab with fellow Toronto Youtubers for a video. I specialize in comedy, skits, pranks, challenges and much more! So I dont mind whatever video style it is. I think this will be a good way to meet fellow youtubers and just have fun. If You are interested in...
  6. KiteVisionary

    Meet Up/Gathering London YouTubers, Collab and Friendship

    What up, hows life? I'm Kite Visionary, for those who don't know its the easter holidays and for next two weeks, I literally don't have univeristy so I thought it would be a good time with time on my hands, to meet a few fellow London YouTubers and make some new YouTube friends to have fun...
  7. JJisawesome

    Meet Up/Gathering Youtubers living in paris

    Hey my names Ijeoma, 16 and looking to make friends with and collab with any youtubers living in paris or the area around. It can be pranks, sketches to vlogs even so yeah
  8. thejoelwilliamsphere


    Over the years there have been many people who have been the most subscribed person on Youtube from Fred to Shanedawson, RayWilliamJohnson to NigaHiga etc etc Pewdiepie is currently the most subscribed person on YouTube - What I want to know is: 1. Do you think Pewdiepie will remain the most...
  9. LeGenDaryPuLse

    YouTubers Make Too Much?

    So recently a statistic was shown after a hacker group hacked into Markiplier's account and leaked how much he made in the month of November. I won't share the exact number due to privacy reasons for him but, he made well over 500k in that month. This sparked a bunch of people saying that...
  10. QuiteGoneJin

    You get a shoutout from your fav streamer;

    He says you are the most underrated new youtuber. How do you feel? Who was it? For me it'd be Gopher, I love Markiplier and Jacksepticeye too, but Gopher made a success not yelling, which is amazing imo.
  11. Chaotions

    Gaming Do you want to your channel to be made into a business?

    Hey! As I mentioned, we in Chaotions, are looking for a youtuber who would be up for a big collaboration! This collaboration includes your channel to be made into a business, of course, the youtuber would get a certain percentage. The youtuber should have at least 6000+ subscribers. Are you...
  12. skepticalvoid

    why am i not growning??

    hi, I've been on YouTube for a least 3 years now. this year is the year i am putting more work into my channel than ever. i am not growing at all. i watched hours of tips and tricks and they are all the same. i have a goof mic, good graphics, good thumbnails, and good quality content.if anyone...
  13. Razz_

    How To Make Amazing Thumbnails! :)

    hey peeps Razzo here, someone requested a tutorial on how to make thumbnails and here it is for anyone in the forums. i don't know everything far from it but i do believe i can show some of you a few trick you may not have known about. if you have any feed back or any advice feel free to...
  14. MRBenji

    What type of videos do you guys like to watch?

    BEFORE WE START, let get one thing clear, this isnt for my own self promotion i'm just curious!! As much as i love making videos, i also love to sit back with a bowl of coco pops and chill out, watch my favourite youtubers and just relax, which youtubers are you favourites and what videos do...
  15. I

    Gaming Chaosotions looking for youtubers!

    Hey! I have created an youtube channel named Chaosotions, it will concentrate on uploading different youtubers let's plays of variety of games. This channel is like a youtubers community, if you join I will upload your let's plays and other people will see your videos! You will get 90% of the...
  16. N

    Meet Up/Gathering Midwest YouTubers?

    Looking for YouTubers in the Midwest. We just moved here to St Louis from Korea and looking to see how many YouTubers are in the area. Anyone out there?
  17. ItsOriginalToMe

    Who Are Your Favorite Youtubers?

    So Im looking for a few new youtube channels to subscribe to so I was wondering what are your favorite youtubers? Mine are Nigahiga, JacksGap, dicasp, Shaytards, and CTFxC What are yours?
  18. Dimo Dimov

    How to become a great youtuber?

    Hello,i remember the time when i wanted to make videos and share them in youtube,i was like 11 y/o now i am 17 y/o.I couldn't make videos before because i hadn't a good computer for this.Now i have a stable computer (not good not bad) and i want to make my dream to come true.I made a few videos...
  19. O

    Gaming Looking for people to record GTA V funny moments (xbox one)

    Hello Everyone! So I am coming on here looking for some people to play GTA V with me and a friend (both youtubers) on the xbox one. We are wanting to just have some fun in free roam, in jobs, heists, etc. and just make some entertaining videos! If any one is interested, be sure to just comment...
  20. Briati Tv

    What are some Challenges That We should do on my channel?

    Hey Everyone! I wanted to get some ideas on different challenges that we should do on out channel? Help me out #Briati Tv
  21. J

    I LOVE CREATING CONTENT! + Motivation to keep going?

    Hello everybody, I have been making youtube content for over a month now and it has been f*****g amazing! I have always wanted to really dive into making consistent content on youtube and putting myself out there has been the best decision ever. 2015 was one of the worst years of my life. I...
  22. J

    This is my favorite video I've uploaded so far!

    I have been doing youtube for over a month, I have two shows that are running on my channel, and the video I just uploaded is my favorite so far. I think it's my personal favorite because I really like all the clips I shot, this topic and all the jokes were written whilst going through some...
  23. B

    Gaming Minecraft Server Just For Youtubers

    Next week we are hoping to open our Minecraft servers just for YouTubers. This server is made for youtubers big and small to find people to collaborate with and have fun. The server is going to be survival pvp, which means killing other youtubers is allowed. The server is going to be running...
  24. Sunriges

    50 Subs! :D

    Whatsup Everyone i'm Sunriges & Just Hit 50 Subs On My Channel! I'm Super Pumped & My Ultimate Goal After January is 100 Subs
  25. J

    Should I post more than once a week?

    Hello, everybody. I started a new channel that's kinda like comedic vlogging but they take a good amount of time to create. Especially since I also work another job. I only have two videos up, but I was just wondering how often should I post? What do you recommend? Right now, I am doing one...
  26. FamilyToyReview

    What to do about other youtubers spamming your video?

    Hello, I have a toy unboxing channel. Most of the comments and interaction we receive from the community are from other youtubers with similar unboxing channels. I've noticed some are kind of spammy. There's a couple of youtubers who will usually leave a vague "good job" comment as soon as I...
  27. JamiesVlogUK


    Hello Vloggers, Singers, Gamers, Voice Actors, Make Uppers and everyone else out there! So REWIND 2015 has been uploaded onto the web and while it puts the big named YouTubers in the spotlight, it makes me beg the question, WHAT ABOUT US?! We may not have that many fews and we may not be...
  28. wildvideo4

    helping youtubers

    how can you help other youtubers?
  29. Devin Spell

    Gaming Excite Gaming Group

    Excite Gaming is a skype group for meeting new content creators, collabing, getting feedback, and networking. I look for quality content creators, good reviewers, graphic designers, good networkers, etc. Join link: (www) << Had to remove dots to post
  30. Warhero

    Gaming [PS4] Looking to collab with Youtubers | GTA 5

    Hey guy's War here, I have just started up a channel about a couple weeks ago and I am looking for some other youtubers who want to record GTA 5 with me! I want to start uploading funny moments from the races, duck hunts and other GTA 5 playlist modes, but the problem is that I dont have that...