1. GooberVlogs

    How Many Subscriber Do You Need Before You Can....

    Wazzup yttalkers ;) How many subscribers do you think you would need to actually do YouTube fulltime and make a living off of. I know there are a lot of channels that have six figure subscribers and also sell t shirts and promote products with famebit or some other sponsor programs even...
  2. bxnsfilms

    Services Cheap Banners and Intros!!

    I can create cheap introductions and banners for your channels! I charge $5 for an Introduction that is whatever you would like! I charge $5 for a Banner for your channel, completely customized. If you are at all interested, please do feel free to send me an email to: Also, if...
  3. wildvideo4

    Gaming Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4

    Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4
  4. Rhys Ager

    Vlog Looking for Collaborations with other Youtubers!

    Hello, I'm a new Youtuber with 150 Subs so far! I'm looking to take my channel further by collaborating with other youtubers all around the world! I live in the UK (Romford Essex/ London), so any UK Youtubers who are interested then please let me know. For everyone outside of the UK I will...
  5. Z

    Meet Up/Gathering List All The Annual Youtube Conventions That You Know!!

    I want to start attending Youtube conventions to meet up with many youtubers. Besides PlayList Live, Vidcon, and Stream Con. Are there any other Youtube conventions that people come to every year?
  6. Charleskorb98

    Gaining my first 1000 subs !

    Currently I have about 470 subscribers. I just would like some advise to help me grow my channel. BTW I make vlogs, challenges, and pranks !
  7. Daaave

    Other The ultimate collaboration! Everyone ever needed.

    Tubers, good day. Good day to you. The time has come when the tubers of YTTalk gather together to make the worlds best collaboration video. After a mildly irritating series of events, I decided that it couldn't just be myself who faces some irritating things. The idea for the collab video would...
  8. SimpleMUFC09

    Channel growing fast need feedback on branding

    Hey guys My channel is growing at a nice rate and I would like feedback in the logo and banner in my channel. Thank you enjoy your day
  9. Vishal Tomar

    Saskatoon Youtubers

    I was wondering if there are YouTubers in or nearby Saskatoon who would like to do collab videos? Or even if you don't live nearby and would like to collab then let me know!
  10. R

    Favorite YouTubers in NYC, CT, or NJ?

    Who are your favorite YouTubers in NYC, Connecticut or New Jersey? Looking for new local channels to check out...
  11. MrAjripley

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Youtubers living in Spain?

    Hey there, So I've just moved to Spain for 10 months and wanted to know if there was anyone of her living in Spain? Wanted to know if theres any meet-ups or youtube stuff to get involved with why I'm here? Im located in Alicante in Spain :)
  12. Nickel Earred Nick

    Suggested Titles

    Hey everyone! Just up early this morning, and I wanted to get a general consensus among youtube gamers on choosing games to play! What type of game would you prefer to watch or play?
  13. LordStencil

    Gaming Looking for Some Fun [PC] [+ Maybe PS3]

    I do have a PS3! And wouldn't mind doing something on that just I don't have a recording thing for it at the moment SO! You can record and I'll play with you! I got BF4 and Black Ops 2 on that! On other hand I do have a lot of PC games Here is a list: [PC] Evolvew Garry's Mod [Also Whole Valve...

    Gaming XBOX ONE YOUTUBERS!!!!!!

    Looking for a group of YouTubers that would like to get together and help one another grow and give tips to each other and in general grow together if anyone is intrested to get in fast contact with me my twitter@:MR_MIRANDA_ INSTGRAM:mr.miranda_ I don't care if you have 10 or 1,000 subs i...