Vlog Looking for Collaborations with other Youtubers!

Rhys Ager

New Member

I'm a new Youtuber with 150 Subs so far! I'm looking to take my channel further by collaborating with other youtubers all around the world!

I live in the UK (Romford Essex/ London), so any UK Youtubers who are interested then please let me know.

For everyone outside of the UK I will still like to hear from you as we can do a collaboration together and increase our fanbases outside our own country which equals more views and more Subs!!

If anyone is interested please get in contact with me :D! Would love to work with as many Youtubers as possible and get our channels bigger together!

Twitter: @Rhys Ager
Instagram: rhysager

Please find my link to my youtube channel on Twitter or Instagram, any new subscribers will be very much appreciated!
Yeah, I only do game reviews and maybe some voice work if you need it.
:p Or maybe an animation but other than that i'm useless lol