do you think youtubers unite should get better admins

  • yes! maybe a real vlogger or an active youtuber in the community

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  • no, they should just delete the page since its pointless

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What is Youtubers Unite? well its a youtube community page for vloggers who want to promote their content and meet other youtubers. sounds great! ....yeah, at first. when i first become a member of youtubers unite i was so happy! i really wanted to meet other youtubers and potentially collab with them. but then one day Fellow vlogger and ex member Evan Edinger wrote " this channel is s**t and useless" something around that context. if you dont know who Evan is, he is a successful american vlogger living in the UK.. At first i didn't know exactly what happened. but now i understand. So whats the problem with the community page? THE ADMINS! and their dumb rules.

yesterday i posted on the Youtubers Unite page my new logo for my up coming collab channel. it took be hours to come up with a style that i loved! so i wanted to share it to other youtubers and see if what their thoughts were. okay now here comes the stupid rules


thats right, i got "in trouble" for supposedly promoting my YouTube channel. but i never posted a link! (besides the pinned post) i simply posted the channel art and asked "Thoughts on my collab channel logo. Should I change anything?" all i wanted to know was if anyone liked it or not.

then they attempt to put me on blast my saying "follow the guidelines" guidelines to what? GUIDE LINES TO WHAT!???

QUESTION TIME: Dear Youtubers Unite Admin/Admins
1. do you even vlog? like at all?
2. are you like some "big deal? trying to enforce rules that are pointless?
3. if your guidelines are so helpful then why are only a handful of members active on your page when you have over 3 thousand?
4. why dont you guys approve some of my post or replay back to my messages?
5. why the f**k do post have to be approved?! are you guys scared of something?? since your like a "big deal"
6. how come you guys never shout out youtube channels. (and dont say because you want to be fair)
7. is being admin of a facebook page the only power you posses over the internet?

YOUTUBERS UNITE IS A SCAM. they think their the s**t just because they have alot of members. hahha okay but only like 12 are active! and most of the members are not even youtubers. most of the are people that have youtube channels and want to make money fast and easy. the majority are not creators. ive met actual vloggers within my community here on YTTALK. and im so thankful for joining. i enjoy real youtube conversations.


You may post links to your videos, with the video title, in the comments of the weekly 'LINK LOVE' status, which you should find at the top of the group wall as a 'PINNED POST'.

stop spamming the community page with your youtube videos. its annoying. instead comment them below my status so its easier for me. not like im going to watch any of them or promote my favorites. -admin.

This will allow you to still post videos, but to keep them in one confined area. Also easier for me because Im a "big deal" on the internet and my time is precious.

and then there is this

We do not allow posting links of videos and channels on the wall of the group - and here is why:

1.This group has become nothing more than a place that everyone is self-promoting and trying to gain more subscribers/viewers and that is not what this group is about.

2.This group was created for YouTube creators to get to know other YouTubers, to collaborate, to share ideas, to get feedback, to make new friends, and to BE A COMMUNITY!

3.That is why we would like to keep this group from becoming full of spam and self promotion.

4.Message the ADMINS if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and let us BE A COMMUNITY!

5.Members wall posts will require approval by the ADMINS of the group.

6.Members who repeatedly post links on the wall, despite being asked not too, will be removed from the group.

7.If you do not like the way the group is run, please remove yourself.

Thank you for your co-operation.

ADMINS of YouTubers Unite.

Can we talk about how inactive the admins are and how they lead to being a page soly on self promotion.

the admins never write status unless its the "weekly upload" which is totally a copy and paste word text". the admins are not respected by its members. if the channel admins were more insight on "how to" or simply be more friendlier then they would have a better community page and people would just help promote. they would ask questions or want to ingage with the community page.

BUT THEN AGAIN SO WHAT! let them promote their videos! youtube's platform is not the same as it use to be 5 years ago. its become more tedious to find other vloggers to connect with. the youtube home page is nothing but Buzzfeed and VEVO NOW ! only a real vlogger would no that.

all that said. im done with YouTubers unite. they are nothing. they are worst than being partnered with Fullscreen. if you want to know a great facebook youtube page its Youtubers in the making" hands down. join that community. at least there you wont be criticized for your creativity.

but also because of my crappy experience with youtubers unit i decided to form my own youtube community. its called Youtubers HQ. go check it out. share the page and be active.! i promise to comment back! and give you advice. YouTube to YouTube. except the admins of youtubers unite. YOU GUYS DONT EVEN VLOG!

p.s should i vlog about this?