Look into my soul and give me feedback!


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In reality, I mean my video. This is my latest one with CSGO - trying out a different style with editing.

One thing that must be noted beforehand, OBS hated me that day. Thus, the recording was oddly choppy. I already know this and will be fixing that in the future. Besides that, everything else is up to your discretion.

Tell me what you think and enjoy:

If you'd care to review my channel rather than the video, that works as well. Thanks all!
The editing definitely helps the videos. Your audio quality is hurting it a bit, but it works well.

I think you're doing well. Just keep doing you.
The editing made the video a lot better I'd keep editing like that and I do understand you said you were having problems with obs and so that's why the video looked choppy but if it wasn't the video would have been great and love the banner and picture combination it works amazingly well. Good luck with your channel in the future