1. Jammy951

    Gaming Want to join a growing youtube gamers group 30+members - no sub limit

    I am an admin on a youtube discord group. We are there to collaborate and help one another in anything youtube gaming/vlogging etc related and also try give you resources that may help you in your content. We only ask that you have a mic/ you are active/ and over 15 to join. None of this...
  2. KingleBricks

    Analytics App

    If you haven't already you can download the studio app on your phone. I find the analytics are somewhat easier to read and seems to have easier accessible info like the estimated views and the audience info, just seems to be a bit easier than on PC just thought I throw out that tip!
  3. JayPlays


    Hey guys! Hope you all okay! ive made this to share with some of you guys and hopefully help you guys out! Basically, i have made a video describing what i use/used to start up a simple gaming youtube channel with a super low budget. 1. First, for my recording software, i use either...
  4. ComradeSupreme

    Look into my soul and give me feedback!

    In reality, I mean my video. This is my latest one with CSGO - trying out a different style with editing. One thing that must be noted beforehand, OBS hated me that day. Thus, the recording was oddly choppy. I already know this and will be fixing that in the future. Besides that, everything...
  5. Exotik

    Feedback would be really appreciated!

    Hi! I run a small channel called Exotik, and I do Tech and Youtube Advice videos. This video in my opinion is one of the most finished and helpful videos ive made, and want some feedback on how to improve. Any feedback would be appreciated!# Video: