1. Curiosity Ridge

    Channel Review request

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my science and tech channel. Please tell me. What you think of the overall astetic of the channel as well as the content of the most recent video "Black hole in your Pocket" (as it is my most recent and polished format) What can I...
  2. TeddieCakes

    First time editing in this style, need advice on interest retention and editing style [Gameplay]

    Video Link: Channel: TeddieCakes Title: FIRST D.VA TEAM KILL! | Gremlin D.VA teaches us how to "Git Gud" Hello, I am a complete beginner when it comes to editing and I just recently created a new video that is completely different and new in style to me. I wanted to know if this editing style...
  3. Valerik

    Honest constructive feedback?

    Hey YouTubers and bloggers, I have a small gaming channel which I have been putting a lot of effort in for a few months now, and I would like to know what YOU think, and how YOU would enjoy it more. Thank YOU, to everyone wanting to share some constructive and honest feedback. Much...
  4. sphamedia

    Asking your fans for things

    So today i made a video asking my fans for constructive criticism and to actively tell me what they like from me, i was thinking if this is something that is fround apon, like i know that asking them to vote you up in stuff is a terrible thing and i know that you never ask for actual stuff, but...
  5. Emily Richardson

    I Can Take It!.....Probably

    Hey guys! So I've been posting a lot on here lately, and I absolutely love you guys, so I feel ready to ask you...*takes super deep breath* Could you guys take a look at my videos and tell me what you honestly think of them? Let me know if I could change anything in the branding, styling...
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