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I'm currently offering free graphic design whilst i'm building up my portfolio... This service will not be free for long so be quick and get a request in!
I am in need of a new refreshed portfolio for my new website so I am doing a service for you guys for a short while.
I can do a range of services from YouTube channel arts to twitch overlays just complete the form and i'll be in touch.

Please complete this form and comment below once you have done that in order to join the Que!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[DOUBLEPOST=1537826070,1537826020][/DOUBLEPOST]Please leave a comment and I will instant message you with the link to my form!
Hope you are great and thanks for your help, I'm kind of lost with my stream overlay,,, I just feel something is missing, maybe you know or can do a better job. I need those bars on the sides because I play on an iPad. There's no hurry or rush so take all the time you need and again, thank you !


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Hi, I'd really like to see about getting an intro/outro. I dislike being disorganized and want everything set up before I even post my first video. Are you still doing this for free? Are you able to create me an intro/outro? And could you get me some examples?
Hey Man,

I’d like some channel art.
I can do it myself but I’m curious to see what another brain might come up with..

Lemme know if your interested
If you can, make an ident (like what they have on tv, a short scene while the announcer tells the viewers what's on next).