1. xtack

    Services ~FREE~ Graphic Design ~FREE~

    Hi, I'm currently offering free graphic design whilst i'm building up my portfolio... This service will not be free for long so be quick and get a request in! I am in need of a new refreshed portfolio for my new website so I am doing a service for you guys for a short while. I can do a range of...
  2. Venox

    Services Venox|Wide Variety|Banners Thumbnails and Icons|Free and Paid

    Nice to meet you! We're Venox, a rising group of designers! We'll cut the introduction short since we know you're here for designs! Sample works are at the bottom since we don't want a bunch of images getting in the way of important information at the top. There a LOT of samples since we wanted...
  3. Mendozaaa17

    Services Thumbnails and Banners for Free [Limited]!

    [CLOSED] Hi y'all, I am willing to create some FREE graphic content such as THUMBNAILS and CHANNEL BANNERS/ART for you YouTube users out there. If you're curious to see what I am capable of, take a look further down the thread. I can't promise an exact delivery time, but you should take into...
  4. Rachel Stewart


    Hi, my name is Rachel Stewart, in a documentary filmmaker and I'm looking for a graphic designer to do some free or cheap work for me, I'm looking for a movie online poster to promote my documentary, below is the type of style I'm looking for, Thanks for your time! -Rachel
  5. Viral John

    Gore Videos/+18 Graphic Content On Youtube

    I have been using you tube for many years as viewer perceptive and came across many, many videos of real violence and gore e.g killing, shooting and beheading... made from either cell phone or Handy camera and I mean REAL killing of people. All those on you tube and still there. These videos are...
  6. Dark2W

    Request Need Clean Graphics/Can S/O

    Hey guys if you look up "id/Dark2W" for steam you'll see my PUBG group. I would like a simple but professional group icon & i'll shout you out on the group!
  7. ThePropHat(Tyler)

    Services Simple and Free Banners and Avatars for YouTube

    New year, new shop, I suppose! About a year ago, I opened my first shop (Well, I call it that, but I usually don't charge). Seemed to go pretty well, considering I had only been working with Photoshop a couple of months. I've now built up my skills enough that I am confident that I can open up...
  8. cboxhero

    What I think everyone needs to understand

    Good branding is not cheap. If you want good graphics for cheap, then I guess you're just not going to get anything good, sorry. If you look at any large youtubers, with even 50k subs or above, they ALL pay for their branding. And they pay well. If they're not paying, they're doing it...
  9. KrivixHD

    KrivixHD My Gaming Channel ;)

    So I don't know how to fix my youtube link so here So my channel rn I do Graphic design, minecraft, and csgo, but I'm getting a lot of games in this coming month is be ready for a lot of content as well as I have been posting pretty much...
  10. Ruben & Natividad

    Request Looking for someone to design an intro for my vlog channel! ($50)

    I am currently looking for someone to design an intro for my vlogging channel and I am willing to pay $50 paypal, Western Union, or I'll send it to your account from my bank account! First I would like you to take a look at my channel, and it is called Ruben & Natividad. Look at the two recent...
  11. Cimannon


    Heyyalll! Its Cimannon here! I'm a call of duty youtuber who just hit 1k subscribers today and I wanted to get better gfx on my channel. I can use photoshop but half the time I'm not too sure what I'm doing and i end up copying other peoples designs. I need a new and/or improved: -banner...
  12. Salvatore

    Request Need motion graphic for videos

    I need motion graphic designer for making videos. Our team is made by a writer, a voice over guy and a music and sfx supervisor. We need a motion graphic designer to make high quality videos. Please let me know if you can help us. -Thank you
  13. Dominik Vodicka

    Graphic channel.

    Hey guys. I am starting youtuber and At first I do lot of graphic stuff and this is my latest intro. Even doing templates for other youtubers. Let a critic here. I would appreciate every support and good ideas ;)
  14. Dominik Vodicka


    Hey guys, I'd like to know your criticon this intro or even on my channel, cuz I am a starting "youtuber" and I try to make a 3D stuff and desktop/timeline pictures, abstract graphic and etc. I hope U will like it. C u.
  15. caleb_gl

    Services [CHEAP] High Quality Logos / Artwork /// DEEPBLUEVIOLET

    DEEPBLUEVIOLET BRANDING SERVICES Let's get right into it. CONTACT: SKYPE: djsmileyguy EMAIL: YOUTUBE: TheHollowMusicNY MORE EXAMPLES ON REQUEST. [/SIZE] LOGOS: (Profile Pictures / Channel Logo) One Logo - 2.00$ Two Logos - 2.75$ Three Logos - 3.25$ CHANNEL ART...
  16. Jonatan Moser

    Need a creative second opinion on my channel design

    Hi creative people of YTtalk! I just finished updating my homemade channel graphic. Would any of you guys mind taking a look and telling me what you think? And if you don't mind, I'd like to get a second opinion my channel trailer as well. I really just want to improve, and I gladly take any...
  17. PlaidNGlasses

    Services $1 Youtube Thumbnails

    Hey there people of yttalk. If you need a nice eye catching thumbnail, I'm your guy. Only $1 per thumbnail and if you need any reference of my skill feel free to check out my youtube channel. I make all graphics myself. If interested, hit me up. Here one that i made myself yesterday and a fifa...
  18. GoodWithGraphics


    Yo, what is up everyone. im GoodWithGraphics, here today to bring you guys some FREE GFX and/or Intros. MY ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU SHOUT ME OUT WHEN YOU GET THE INTRO OR LET ME PUT "MADE BY GoodWithGraphics" SMALL IN THE CORNER OF THE GFX depending on how well done you want them, intros...
  19. BlueDog

    Services Denis' Graphic Shop |Thumbnails and Banners

    Hello guys,I'm Denis. I make YouTube thumbnails and banners,and I wanted to share some of my work with you. If you are interested in having something done,leave your Skype here and I'll add you.Orders can take up to 48 hours,but I try to get them done in one day. Payment is made via PayPal or...
  20. TiredGiraffeHD

    Services 2D Cartoon/Drawn Graphics!

    Hello there you probably clicked on this page because you're interested in 2D cartoon/drawn graphics designs! well let me tell you something you came to the right place, here I will show you some of the graphics I made and some of the prices for my graphics! Since my graphics store is new I...
  21. Sh00tF0rStars

    which is better lag and good quality or no lag and poorer quality

    So i downloaded obs to screen record and have been going thru the setting and i can only have poorer graphics and no lag because my pc wont handle high quality to well. So wich is better should i keep it at the lower qaulity or should i have lag?
  22. S

    Services FREE GRAPHICS

    Hi im a new youtube graphics designer i work for shout outs contact me at Skype: moraok1 YouTube: SyncKAOS
  23. xKaii

    Request Can someone make me a free intro/outro for my channel please?

    So hey, my name is Kai and I'm looking for someone to do me a nice intro / outro to be used in my videos. Your link will always be in the description of every video it is used in. Thank you for viewing.
  24. Christoverse

    Request Need a new Logo for my channel

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to have a logo done for my channel. If you're interested def let me know! I appreciate it.
  25. MrDXZ

    In need of artistic ideas...

    Hey guys, my name is Zach, AKA MrDXZ, and I'm a Chatroulette/Omegle YouTuber who is trying to come back after a one year hiatus. Well, I realized my channel needs some work done to it before I put up any videos. For starters, I need a Chatroulette video overlay/frame for my videos. I have an...
  26. Ashton Seibert

    Request {Pay} Youtube Logo and Banner

    I am looking for someone to make me a youtube logo and banner. Will pay a few dollars on paypal 5-7$, I will tip if I love it. Contact me for me to tell you what I am trying to get in my logo and banner.
  27. Richard Rumble

    Services The Full Works!

    Recent Media Production Graduate happy to offer the services of my team! All Peices of media will come with 2 free corrections. Make sure you tell us all required information we need to change in great detail so we can get it as close to what you want as possible. What we offer: Design - £3+...
  28. Jason Kirkpatrick

    Request Introduction, some honest advice, and maybe more

    Hello everyone, this is RainingRainbowz, or Jason, and I have been working on the visual appearance of my Youtube Channel and I've done my best to try and make quality graphics. However there's only so much I can do on my own. So there are a few things I need from you guys. An intro, I have a...
  29. Birkir Orri


    Hey guys I´m new to Youtube and I want to help you guys with your channels... reply to this thread to get a free banner-profile pic-thumbnail. [Edited by Staff]
  30. Amber lynx

    Request Need a banner

    I'm in need of a banner i have an idea I made my self but i need someone with some skills to make my vision come alive I'm offering yt cash payment