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Nice to meet you! We're Venox, a rising group of designers! We'll cut the introduction short since we know you're here for designs!
Sample works are at the bottom since we don't want a bunch of images getting in the way of important information at the top. There a LOT of samples since we wanted to show designs from all our designers.


Individual - intros, outros, banners/channel art, thumbnails, profile pictures/channel icons (profile pics are commonly mistaken as logos)
Bundles - intro and outro combo, banner and profile pic bundle, multiple thumbnail bundle, intro outro banner and profile pic bundle (revamp bundle)
Templates - we currently have a few exclusive banner templates available, in these, backgrounds are created by our designers (some other designs use no stocks as well)
Other - the designs above are general requests we commonly see, but we'll also be happy to create you something outside of the designs already mentioned

Don't worry, prices are always negotiable! The prices below are just an estimate, and we will adjust your price according to your design. As a note, please don't expect to receive your request at the minimum prices on this list unless your request is relatively simple.
Intros - $4+
Outros - $4 +
Banners - $3-5
Thumbnails - $2-4
Profile Pics - $2-3
Intro + Outro Bundle - $7+
Banner + Profile Pic Bundle - $4-7
Multiple Thumbnail Bundle - $5-10 a week (highly adjustable based on upload schedule)
Revamp Bundle - $10+
Templates - Always at the fixed price we decide, price varies between each template

We will most likely put a watermark on your design and/or request that you give us credit. Expect lower quality and/or longer completion time

We are currently accepting only PayPal, but if you have a different payment method, we are willingly to negotiate, even if it isn't cash. We may decline due to complications, but you can always request a free design instead!

File Format
- PNG by default, but you can tell us if you'd like a JPG instead, MP4 for video files
It may take up to 7 days depending on how complicated your design is. We can give a more accurate estimate of completion time after receiving details of your request.
For paid designs, we'll send you lower resolution previews during the process, and after any changes, you'll send the payment for the finalized version, and we'll send you the full resolution design.
For free designs, we'll send you lower resolution previews, and once we agree on a finalized version, you'll receive the full resolution design.

If you're interested or have any questions, you may send a message to us. You can also reply to this thread, and we'll send a message to you (if requesting, we'll answer through DMs, if you have a general question, we'll reply back to you on the thread) For those of you who are requesting, we'll send a link to our Discord server through DMs to make communication easier (since there are three of us), but you don't have to join the server to receive a design. If you'd rather email us, our current email is

EDIT - Currently we can't access private messages on this site, but we'll remove this edit once we can!! Until then, we'd appreciate it if you could email us instead.


(We Do Things by Colby)

(We Do Things by Colby)

(We Do Things by Spontin)

(Rarity by Vemmaire)

(Sample Template by Vemmaire)


(Dance Till Ya Drop by Vemmaire)

(Rugar Brothers by Colby)

(Let's Play Battlefield by Spontin)

(Assassin's Creed by Spontin)

Profile Pics

(CC by Colby)

(VD by Colby)

(RD by Vemmaire)

(KR by Vemmaire)

(FLZ by Vemmaire)
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