1. Protecterorb

    Gaming Be a part of a different kind of Gaming group!

    Hey dudes, I’m part of a YouTube gaming group called Gilded Phoenix Studios, and we’re looking for awesome dedicated people to join our team! We post 4 times a week with special shows showcasing funny moments, indie games, chill games, and a survival series we have going on! We also do a...
  2. xtack

    Services ~FREE~ Graphic Design ~FREE~

    Hi, I'm currently offering free graphic design whilst i'm building up my portfolio... This service will not be free for long so be quick and get a request in! I am in need of a new refreshed portfolio for my new website so I am doing a service for you guys for a short while. I can do a range of...
  3. Venox

    Services Venox|Wide Variety|Banners Thumbnails and Icons|Free and Paid

    Nice to meet you! We're Venox, a rising group of designers! We'll cut the introduction short since we know you're here for designs! Sample works are at the bottom since we don't want a bunch of images getting in the way of important information at the top. There a LOT of samples since we wanted...
  4. E

    need ideas for my thumbnails

    hi whats up everyone. im looking for some thumbnail ideas for my videos. i have a music channel focusing in ambient/chill out music but i dont have any ideas what to put in my thumbnails im open for suggestions thank you in advance
  5. M

    Services Thumbnail's and Banners For a Shoutout

    FREE GFX FOR SHOUTOUT Hey guys Im basically doing thumbnails for a shoutout. I can do some very good thumbnails for your channel or instagram/twitter. I can also do intro's and outro's but for that I would be charging $0.25 for each into/outro and if its something very hard then the most I would...
  6. Seption

    Services FREE GFX (Banner/Thumbnail/Banner/Etc)

    Hello YTTalk community. im doing FREE gfx for a shoutouts id prefer to have at least 100 subscribers or more My Twitter @seption_yt discord server link (enter this into your discord) ymU783U discord username seption#1088 A few examples of my work: Contact me here or even Twitter...
  7. KacperDzn

    Services Cheap Graphics

    Hello, I am here to give everyone a cheap source of designs! All payments are sent through paypal! Reply to this or PM me if interested. ALL PRICES IN GBP. Prices: Header/Banner = £5 Logo = £5 Mascot Logo = £7 Avatar = £2 Thumbnail = £0.50 Signature = £0.50 Intro = £0.50 Lower Third = £0.30...
  8. KacperDzn

    Branding Tips!

    Hello guys, I am a graphics designer and I came here to share some tips about how to correctly brand your media/channel! 1) Make it fit your channel! - You don't want a specific game series banner on your channel if you do vlogs! So make sure it relates to your channel! 2) Make it attractive...
  9. Suprex

    Request Need a good GFX Artist to help me please, ASAP!

    I need someone to make me a screen that says " Stick Fight" pretty much how it is in the game, bent and 3D text. If you can help me I'd really appreciate it.. i need it by the 14th. Thanks! This is for FREE. discord Suprex#9646 or just reply with your email please and thanks again!
  10. L

    Services Offering GFX

    Hi, I’m Lewis and I have started offering quality GFX at a reasonable price. I have a passion for graphic design and would like to help youtubers out. I haven’t yet been able to pay for a proper domain as I have only just started this service but I can guarantee 100% satisfaction with the...
  11. LuCyan

    Services Cheap Graphics - GFX,Thumbnails

    A GFX will be done in 24 hours max. - GFX = $1 Make sure to reply to this thread if you are interested.
  12. Suprex

    Request I need help with a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail!

    I need someone skilled with GFX or just making Thumbnails to make me a CSGO Funny Moments Thumbnail that stands out.. I would pay if i had a credit card but if you are willing to make this for me and possibly help me with future Thumbnails then i will give you shoutouts and once i get a credit...
  13. TheRealKCG


    Hello every one i make Graphics for Social Media I have a few examples like this These are just examples of what i do get down to finishing in Photoshop CS6 if you guys would like to purchase one of these types of thumbnails they all cost $5 or £5 for each style of Thumbnail if you would...
  14. HearingMind

    Need a logo idea for my second channel

    Hello, i decided to start a secondary music channel. But im out of ideas for a logo. Evalon Music is the name of my secondary channel btw Thought of a tilted E so it could be the 2 initials from the channel. But i didnt like the result xD Im open for ideas.
  15. J

    Request Wanting new banner and logo! [Free Please]

    Hey guys my name is Varen and im looking for some one who can make me a banner and logo.All credit will be in shoutouts via video! This is also a very new channel since I have a old one. Hope to work with you! Twitter:@TheRealVivio Instagram:@VarenMoe
  16. Nivolt

    Request Profile Picture and Banner [Free]

    Hey! I have 800 subscribers on YouTube and am looking for new channel art...I would like a Profile Picture and Banner for my Channel. My Channel name is "OC Nivolt". It will be the first one on YouTube. If you can help I would really appreciate it!
  17. Noah Richardson

    Services [Free] Avatars, Banners, Intros, and More!

    You can check out my intro playlist here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Send me an email at...
  18. Neons_Awesome


    Hello, I make high quality channel art of any kind for any channel. My prices are low and the art is always at its best. My prices are: Banner: $2.50 Profile Picture: $2 Outro: $1.50 Thumbnail: $2 per I have a couple examples of what I can do
  19. SoulzHD

    Services FREE GFX

    I am doing: Logos Banners Thumbnails Colour Corrections Lower Thirds ALL FOR FREE
  20. Lazy Nik

    Services Will make you Banner/Avatar (Logo) and Thumbnail for FREE

    So... I finally got my hands on this thread. Yes, I will make this stuff for free, I simply love messing with stuff in PS. What I ask you in return is to credit me if you liked it, but this is completely optional. Just DM me on twitter (@niklazy) and we'll discuss everything you want from your...
  21. coolness3775

    Services CHEAP and High Quality: BANNERS / THUMBNAILS / LOGOS and MORE

    I create cheap and high quality GFX, you can purchase them by emailing me at Here are some examples of my graphics... End Card- $1 Edited Video- $3 Thumbnail- $1 2D Banner- $1 Minecraft Banner- $2
  22. TRYorDI3

    Request need gfx for new channel

    I am creating a new channel and I need a basic banner and logo whiling to pay but looking at people who will make it just for experience because I'm not looking for the best , just need something that looks appealing. My new channel name is McSlurm I'll be streaming with that name also
  23. ExEx

    Request In need of a banner for YT

    Hi, Looking for somebody who does GFX work. My channel is in dire need of rebranding! I am willing to pay depending on your professionalism, please contact me on the following: Twitter: @TheOrigiExtreme Thanks :)
  24. Tube Graph

    Services Free Animated GFX to use and improve your videos

    Hi everyone! From Tube Graph you can free download many animated graphics specially designed to use in your content. We designed them to support to others Content Creators to grow. We upload 4 new every week You can free download and use it in your videos Here some examples of what you can...
  25. Jackpat02rules

    Request [Free] Thumbnails

    Hello, today I am looking for people who can make high-quality 3D Minecraft thumbnails. I have a few different ones I would like and it will be listed shortly. All links needed for this request will be given if you are interested and have contacted me on one or more of my links I will give...
  26. Cimannon


    Heyyalll! Its Cimannon here! I'm a call of duty youtuber who just hit 1k subscribers today and I wanted to get better gfx on my channel. I can use photoshop but half the time I'm not too sure what I'm doing and i end up copying other peoples designs. I need a new and/or improved: -banner...
  27. Omair

    Services High Quality - Thumbnails, Banner, Logos for YouTube Channels [$5-$10]

    hey, My name is Masab and I do GFX. I can make you HD and PRO Thumbnails., Banner and Logos. Here is some of my work!
  28. Keelxn

    Request Looking for Minecraft banner & Icon.

    Payment: I will pay you money via PayPal. The price will be determined on how in depth your work is. I would like to see your work before I even think about purchasing from you. Details: Now, I am looking for minecraft channel art. I would like it to be like a cartoon style. Here is an example...
  29. David9974

    Services High Quality, Cheap Channel Art, for 3$ (PayPal) :)

    I'm starting this "Project" where I will sell Digital Artwork (Youtube Art in this case), such as Banners, Profile Pictures,Icons, and Thumbnails for 3$. I created a TWITTER account YESTERDAY, only for this project, where I will be posting some samples for you to help me to improve...
  30. En_crypted

    Services Fast Professional Graphics for under $5 | Banners, Thumbnails, Profile Pictures and Intros!

    Hey, so I just wanted to shamelessly promote my Graphics and how good they are and that I'm doing this stuff for a cheap price for anyone who wants some. I want to be paid through PayPal tho and this is how the pricing is going to be: 1 Banner - €5 1 Thumbnail - €3 (x2 - €5 | x3 - €10) 1...