Gaming Searching for funny people with around 200 subs


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Hey im itsgamerlive, i have 166 subs im 13 years old and im just seraching for a someone who can collab with me, has pc games, can spend money and is 13+. I also have an xbox one

You can have skype or discord so we can talk and that's basically it.

Btw i haven't done lots of games on my channel but i will when we collab

Pc: gta5
shellshock live

Xbox one: rocket league
worms battlegrounds
gta 5
fifa 15
fifa 17

i can buy more if needed
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I would collab with you if I had an efficient working pc or Xbox one put I have a PS4 but I'll give your chance a sub and you should check mine out I have almost 300 subs
What's up bro I'm kmb Alliance I do funny game edits and also funny game moments but I have around my around 250 subscribers if you want to check out my channel be my guest if you like it subscribe make sure you comment and say it's you so I can subscribe back I have a good day bro
Sup broo
i have god csgo pubg h1 l4d2
Mainly on PUBG, i would recommend u buying it (29.99$) as its in the top sellers
Contact me links below and discord: THΞCΛNΛDIΛNNΞO™#5586