1. A

    Does adding the main topic in channel name boost SEO? For Example: [Calm Lands] | [Calm Lands - Music] Should I include my niche at the end of name?

    Normal Name: [Calm Lands] Topic Name included: [Calm Lands - Music] Does having the topic inside of youtube name boost SEO?
  2. A

    New Tool for Displaying Sponsorships for Listeners and maximizing revenue

    This new tool allows you to make a page that displays all of your links and discount codes from sponsors so that your listeners have a place to go back to again and again to support you. It's also a great SEO hack because the pages are designed to show up for relevant keywords. So, when your...
  3. Dmenace

    Channel stuck and no views,does SEO needed?

    I need a SEO type of review,my videos are not watched or getting any traffic. I would like to know why. I suspect a multi niche problem l,but who knows.
  4. MacroShire

    Latin Numbers for SEO

    do we need special SEO for latin numbers in addition to normal numbers? Example: in a video description + tags for a Battlefield 5 video should we include both "Battlefield 5" and "Battlefield V" or is it enough to use only one and the search engine will show the same video when being searched...
  5. thisismaw

    How Long Before YouTube SEO kicks In?

    As the same as the title, I am curious how long before the SEO in YouTube kicks in, I'm quite new. Thank you :)
  6. E

    Does the yoube algorythm consider the quality (720, 1080 hd) of your videos?

    Hi I think a 720 quality is good enough for my video tutorials, and I can save pretty much time rendering and uploading videos as I produce a lot of content. But I don't want to be affected in a silly way loosing video ranking jus because of the video quality. Does the quality matters in terms...
  7. Foster

    cant see my ORIGINAL video when i search his title

    I upload my hard worked video, search some good keywords in tube buddy 95% (excelent) add some tags (this video tags appear 40x in title and description) from desc. and title and i DONT SEE my video, If i search my video title i dont find him, dammit this algorhytm is sh** ONLY what i found, is...
  8. F

    Advice on SEO & Growth

    Hi guys, Short story I've been uploading videos for about 10 months now and I'm about 150 something subscribers. I'm looking forward to creating content that is being more sought after and, consequently, more wanted. Therefore, I'm looking for some advice on SEO & keyword research. I've been...
  9. SoSuperLoud

    Kids Reaction Videos

    There seems to be a monopoly with regards to Kids React videos. Do a search and you will see. There have to be others making these videos, but they literally are not shown when searching. Most are by FBE. I also search Keyword Planner for "kids react" and there is a low search number. However...
  10. 2desitravelers

    Does Featured Channel list help in SEO ?

    Hi fellow youtubers, I am trying to see the impact of adding my channel to some one else's youtube channel featured list. Do you know if it will help in my channel 2desitraveles growth ? Have you guys tried it ? If not let me know if your channel is into traveling then we can add each other...
  11. Hana

    Keywords in title/description

    Hello! I haven't posted here since I stopped doing YouTube for a couple of years to do my masters etc. Anyway, I have been trying to get back to it and I can't get my head around this issue. I posted this in another forum but not getting responses so I hope it's ok I copy paste it below.. One...
  12. F

    SEO problem?!

    Hey guys! I have been active (posting weekly for a little while now) but my views are so small! I think most of them are family and friends probably ! The actual shooting doesn’t take long but I put in a lot of work into the editing part... this is the most recent one and it only has 74 views...
  13. NavmedVideos

    How is this even possible ?

    So I have been looking at fiverr to promote my youtube channel But Was scared so created a test channel to make sure these work and are within the guidelines I paid a guy to promote my video and got 1000s of views So what I can't figure out is Looking at the analytics it shows the referrals...
  14. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Perfection Is YOUR Enemy - YouTube Productivity RANT

    Perfection Is YOUR Enemy - YouTube Productivity #RANT // Churchill once said - Perfection is the Enemy of Progress! Quality vs Quality is an argument we all have with ourselves but the search for perfection maybe slowing you down and harming the growth of your channel. If you don't get out there...
  15. Valentinas Playhouse

    Paw Patrol Candy Hunt

  16. Dixon1380

    What is the best way to get subscribers and views?

    I am so stuck right now. Sometimes I feel like every time I post videos and upload them to YT. Nothing...I see my views goes up but that's only me. Some people say it's the SEO, Some people say it's Google Adword/Adsense and some say it's social media. Well, I tried all of that...nothing works...
  17. Valerio Mangano

    SEO tips

    Hello everyone today I want to share my experience with tube buddy (free version) and SEO! To make sure that your video is seen around you need to first search for a title, seriously, before even writing the script search for the title, for a title that is at least 60 in the scoreboard for the...
  18. Valerio Mangano

    How do you use formus?

    Hello I was wondering if some of you have some tips and tricks to get some views from forums. We all know that before posting threads to promote you video and channel you should post at least 10 times a day for 2 days in my opinion, but are there some kind of posts that get more traffic than...
  19. Picksel

    SEO Tricks?

    Hey, I am Picksel, and I am a new youtuber. I heard that the hardest thing on youtube, is growing a channel, and growing a video. So I was wondering if anyone can give me some seo tricks to grow my channel? that would be really appreciated!
  20. Mechanicalmoose

    Should I try and rank position no 2?

    Tricky one this I have different versions of a song I'm promoting on my channel. When I put in a tag in youtube buddy for the remix version of my song it shows I'm already at no1 for that term with the original version of the song. So my question is should I still use that term to try and rank...
  21. JustusJames

    Keyword Generator

    Does anyone know of a good site for generating keywords? I understand SEO is a bit of a moving target and there are many ways to measure the success of each keyword, but is there a resource that will generate quality keywords based on a title to provide an initial foundation?
  22. Darren Taylor

    Video SEO Example for small YouTuber

    Hi All, I have been away from this forum for a while because I am so damn busy working on my channel and consultancy. but I thought this was worth sharing. I have a prime example of how you can create a video as a small YouTuber that gets SEO traction when you find a good keyword to target. In...
  23. A

    Hello! I was looking for a channel review and just started!

    Hi guys!, I was looking for how my channel could have a better SEO because it has been hard looking at the online videos for get good tips! Because my videos are about comedy, its not very informational so I'm not sure how toe brand my videos! I did follow some video tips about SEO and branding...
  24. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Write The Perfect YouTube Video Title Every Time

    How To Write The Perfect YouTube Video Title Every Time // Catchy titles on YouTube video titles help you get more views. YouTube Title Tips on How To Title Your YouTube Videos That Get Views with YouTube Title Best Practices using YouTube SEO to rank videos better in search and get noticed on...
  25. Courtney Candice


    I know there’s a lot of threads about tubebuddy, but noun of them have the answers I need. So the mods can close this thread if you have to, but all I want to know is when I push accept for tubebuddy to have access to my channel am I giving them rights to take over my channel or post things...
  26. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Rank Better On YouTube

    How To Rank Better On YouTube // How To Rank Videos and Rank Better In YouTube Search. How To Rank YouTube Videos is the holy grail for most Small YouTubers so you need to improve your chances to Rank Better in YouTube Search.YouTube SEO can help when ranking youtube videos and helping you grow...
  27. R

    Is it important to post immediately w/ a new channel?

    So, I'm considering starting a new/side channel for a number of reasons, and because I'm not quite ready to post on it just yet anyway, I figured I could just create the channel rn and then wait the 30 days until I'll be able to give it a unique channel name, that way I'll be able to easily...
  28. Jealous Lawn Care

    TubeBuddy tag ranking results

    This goes along with my last topic about tags, but I wanted to keep them separate since they are separate discussions. :-) So I recently installed TubeBuddy and so far love it, however when in the process of retagging my video's with other suggestions or higher ranked terms (where it shows my...
  29. Jealous Lawn Care

    One word Tags or phrases --- which is better?

    I've recently downloaded/played around with TubeBuddy and it's a great product for tags. Although if I understand it correctly it seems like one word tags don't work as well as phrases. Example: Video #1 - tags of "lawn" "care" Video #2 - tags of "lawn care" Now the question is, if it type...