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Nov 7, 2016
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There seems to be a monopoly with regards to Kids React videos.
Do a search and you will see.
There have to be others making these videos, but they literally are not shown when searching.
Most are by FBE.

I also search Keyword Planner for "kids react" and there is a low search number.
However "react" gets more searches obviously.

I have an additional channel that will be based off of cool stuff to do with your kids.(not just reaction videos)
I am creating some videos of the kids reacting to cool stuff...
Then creating a promo trailer for those contained in a playlist.
Promo will not run until more content is uploaded. Then regular videos run on a posted schedule.
There is no kids sitting watching stuff and reacting, totally different from my vision for the channel.
Again, there will be other things in the channel that allow future for sponsorship, affiliate marketing, reviews, and more.

However, I fear that even if after creation, running the promo video as an ad for awhile, that there is no way it will be able to gain relevance compared to what is showing in search now, and my videos will not be found, regardless of the fact I am an audio mixing and mastering engineer, with a full studio, a computer I specifically built for video editing. Very fluent in After Effects and video production, editing. Will be using high quality recording and audio equipment, everything has scripts for ease of recording, including sound assets scripts, for faster streamlined organized production....
basically regardless of the quality I can provide... will be buried and not found(maybe)

Is it because there are not many people doing this niche, and a couple channels hold that niche down strongly?
Thoughts if any?

I don't really see it as a niche, as it's also a way for me to spend some time with my kids.
Plus, the wifey hates my youtube ventures(even though they provide some income so far)... but since this one includes the kids, she is all about it lol.
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