youtube ranking

  1. K

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  2. SoSuperLoud

    Kids Reaction Videos

    There seems to be a monopoly with regards to Kids React videos. Do a search and you will see. There have to be others making these videos, but they literally are not shown when searching. Most are by FBE. I also search Keyword Planner for "kids react" and there is a low search number. However...
  3. Boris Qs

    Does video file name affect YouTube ranking?

    I was wondering Does the video file name affect a YouTube video ranking?
  4. TommyTommy1995

    Subscribers matter?

    Hello again, I wanted to know if in today's times, number of subscribers are important to be more visible in the ranking, or youtube has changed some things?
  5. HyDraid

    What is a really good SEO Strategy ?

    So you guys now that having a good SEO strategy is important... Because that determines how high your video ranks on YouTube... Sometimes I'm struggling with that, so it would be great if you have some good tips or tricks :') Thanks :D