1. SoSuperLoud

    Kids Reaction Videos

    There seems to be a monopoly with regards to Kids React videos. Do a search and you will see. There have to be others making these videos, but they literally are not shown when searching. Most are by FBE. I also search Keyword Planner for "kids react" and there is a low search number. However...
  2. Eres

    Other Reaction videos collaboration

    hi guys, im new on youtube, and i make reaction videos.. i know im very very small youtuber, but is anyone intrested for collaboration have a nice day :)
  3. Dismal Bliss

    Kids React to April the Giraffe as she gives birth :D

    There's nothing more beautiful than a new life coming into the world, right? Well, kids don't think so, lol.... SUBSCRIBE!:
  4. Courtney Candice

    Reacting to pen apple pen reaction parody

  5. ggdeeofficial

    React video to my old videos? can i monetize?

    hey guys! hope you are doing well. I just need a little advice/clarity on this subject. I would like to do a react to my old videos back in 2009. so ofcourse there is copyright music in the background and I cant monetize it. but i've been seejng a lot of react videos on KPOP and am wondering...
  6. DN4Gamer

    New Series "What The Cringe" Announcement

    Yesterday I announced a new series, called "What The Cringe" where we react to cringy post's, tweets or photos, and just starting off.. Holy crap it is already getting super cringy. You can send me on my twitter or facebook in photos that I can include in another episode, I will be posting...
  7. Anjim

    Support Small Youtubers Project

    Any small Youtubers might ask this question. Is Youtube talking away views and subs? Do I feel like giving up because of this? Will I get notice and make this to a full-time job? I know there is no tool or sponsorships to help small Youtuber grow. I don't want to feel divided and I want to...
  8. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem Collab Or Gaming Commentary Collab

    I have 166 subs and want to collab with other youtubers. I want to do some Town Of Salem funny moments or lets plays with someone. Or I would like to do one of my normal commentary videos except another youtube is talking too. I'll also do Attack On Titan Tribute Game collabs. I have a Xbox 360...
  9. SuperAntlers

    Reacting to the Doctor Strange Trailer!

    First reaction video! Enjoy!
  10. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YOUTUBE REVIEW CHANNELS! Good or Bad for the community?

    Recently a few youtube review channels have come to my attention that have experienced an insane amount of growth - im talking 400,000 subs in 4 months! Some of these channels post a 2-5 videos a day, every single day of the week on popular trending topics so its no wonder they receive the...
  11. HeadSpread

    Commentary Look for some people to join the fun in the UK- SE

    Hi Guys, I've recently started a YouTube channel thats aim is to find out what the People of Britain really think. I've made a few videos and am now looking to collab. Would anyone like to get involved with some of the videos I'm making?
  12. Zach S.

    Reactions to My Old Song Creations

    I have found a bunch of old undiscovered song files on my old computer that I had created when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. I came across them again a couple weeks ago and decided to react to them before I listened to them in a video. Please tell me in the comments below which song was your...
  13. M

    Check out my How Guys Fall Asleep Video

    Hey guys- check out my channel and videos and I would love your feedback.