1. DukWin

    Does The Video File Name Affect SEO?

    So I've heard some rumors lately that the raw filename affects how high it is ranked in the YouTube algorithm. Is this true? Has anyone actually tested this? I'm wondering because there is a line of video information in the Info and Settings section reading Raw file: 'example file name'.
  2. WilBajamas

    Do you need to SEO your tags?

    Hey guys, just a quick question... We all know tags are very important for a Youtube video. But is SEO'ing tags necessary? Hoping for some comments and feedbacks. Thanks for reading...
  3. WilBajamas

    Reason You're Not Getting Views?

    Hey guys, many of us are struggling on Youtube even though it's our interest... Some of us may have overcome this " not getting views " situation. But most of the new youtubers haven't ( including me ). For my case, I've used SEO ( not sure if I used it correctly ), put decent tags, annotized...
  4. Yachts For Sale

    A Question About the YouTube Search Engine

    I seem to remember reading that youtube uses data relating to views of a video in the first few days after it is published to determine how it ranks the video. Views after those first few days do not have the same impact on YTSEO. Has anybody else heard this or can verify it? I ask because I...