1. The NotARubicon!

    Where do your views come from and where should we focus?

    I'm wondering what the best (if there is a best) source for views is - Youtube search, browse, or suggested videos. I am seeing that I get 2x more views/ & watch time from suggested videos than I do from search or browse - not sure if this is a good thing or not. Do most channels get the...
  2. MitchKFrancis

    Just a guy wanting to learn SEO

    Hey peeps, So I'm getting to the point where I really want to start diving into SEO and to be honest, I don't really know where to start. I'm trying to learn how to tag my videos and rank them and I'm only having minimal success. Anyone out there who can give me specific tips that worked for them?
  3. GamingwithNick

    What Most of You are Doing Wrong

    Everytime I come back to YTTalk I see the same exact problem. People upset that they can't get views, people giving advice to post more on FB groups, G+ groups, Reddit etc... Why on Earth are you relying on outside website to drive traffic to YouTube? Is YouTube not good enough at driving its...
  4. Boseen

    Feedback Channel branding & SEO

    So i've been trying to regular upload to youtube. However I want to know what I could improve on my SEO and channel branding, so my content could be better found on YouTube and look more appealing. I'm getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera, so I want to see on which other...
  5. javacentral

    Is it just me or has there been a change with Tubebuddy rankings?

    So I took a little 2 week break over christmas and when I got back, I tried to use my title as a tag (which I check to make sure it doesn't have too much competition and it's well searched) and it never ranked. Nor did any hardly any of my other tags. I use keywords in the description to help...

    Frustrated with Getting Videos Ranked...

    Is anyone else frustrated with getting their videos ranked in searches? I swear I spend so much time trying to make the best titles, tags, and descriptions to allow my videos to be found and it's still difficult to get ranked high. Very discouraging when you're trying to make the best stuff you...
  7. will_mcdaniel

    Does monetisation increase traffic?

    Howdy, I've never bothered monetising my videos as I'd probably earn less than a pound or dollar per video and I was always worried that preroll ads might turn people away from a smaller channel like mine. However I've been reading a few articles that suggest YouTube might actually push...
  8. Derrick Toys

    Boosting Views / Angry Algo

    As I was warned views have dropped dramatically after not uploading consistently. One video has 10k views and recent are barely 20.. did algo get angry with me? I've been learning new techniques rather than uploading.. not a good idea. Can I get make it up uploading more and get back on the...
  9. Derrick Toys

    What schedule do you have to upload daily?

    How do YouTubers manage time wisely and what schedule works best for you to upload daily and still have a "normal life"? For example, I have a week footage for our new channel Kids Fun Reviews featuring my toddlers (which is a job in itself lol) and I would like an idea how youtubers spend on...
  10. javacentral

    SEO and what is most important?

    Ok so I'm kinda familiar with tags and descriptions and posting your video on social media. Now I'm seeing all this stuff about backlinks and white hat and black hat stuff and my head is spinning! What should we focus on the most in terms of SEO?
  11. Oliver Potter

    Some links that helped me get to 900 subscribers!

    Hey Guys! So I am a blogger/vlogger myself so all I do is read other peoples blogs. I compare them to mine and I came across these two blog posts about how to grow your audience and also how to rank your videos! I can't post links on here but if you would are interested in these blog posts...
  12. Derrick Toys

    What Do You Think??

    Looking for new ideas / tips to improve my kids channel. This is our latest video - would appreciate your helpful advice, thanks! What do you think about thumbnail, title, video length etc.?
  13. Derrick Toys

    1400 Views Overnight!!

    Excited right now! Just saw 1400 more views since last night on our Chuck E Cheese video! Any way I can see what caused this so I can drive traffic to our other videos? I know this isn't much views for most channels but for our new channel with average 100 views per video .. this is exciting lol
  14. Derrick Toys

    How To Write Titles?!

    How did you develop a technique with video titles using keywords and having a nice flow? Some popular videos have very little words and others are stacked with keywords.
  15. CatTagz

    How To Create Awesome Thumbnails For Free!!

    So thumbnails is one of the most important thing if not the most important thing when trying to rank your videos for different search terms etc. If your making videos for your subscribers only it might not be as important but when it comes to new people finding your video in search they will 99%...
  16. zaffron

    Will my SEO improve if I join MCN ?

    So does YouTube search engine give high priority ( high SEO ) for videos published by the channels that are part of a network, regardless of how big the channels are ? or is it just the same thing if i did not join any MCN ? any idea ?
  17. javacentral

    History and facts about coffee in India

    So this video was a bit of an experiment for me. I changed up the angles a few times for the first time and I used a title I wasn't originally was planning on. I think that helped me out with my SEO some and hopefully will help get my video out there a bit more. Either way, let me know what ya...
  18. Scooterbean Videos

    SEO Understanding

    I have heard understanding SEO is important for a channel. Could somebody please explain to me what this is and how I use it?
  19. javacentral

    SEO tips and ideas

    So I've been looking and looking and been trying to figure out what are the best things to do for your search engine optimization (SEO). A few things I know, tubebuddy is fantastic for tags and tag rankings (though I haven't fully figured it out yet), putting a well made and lengthy description...
  20. The Black Mastadonte

    Advertising on Facebook

    Hey guys. So I recently made a like page via Facebook and I started advertising on Facebook using their promoting service. I'm not sure how good this is for Youtube, so I'm curious to see what you guys think. So, what do you guys think about using Facebook ads to promote your Youtube? Have you...
  21. AM2PM

    Tubebuddy - Tag stuffing? Do I put them all in?

    Just installed Tubebuddy and checked the tags. It suggests a lot of tags that don't pertain to my video per se. Should I put them in anyway? I'm posting a golf video, but it suggests PGA and Tiger Woods etc. They aren't in my video. I assume I shouldn't put them in. Am I right? Thanks.
  22. javacentral

    Tag tips?

    So I got tubebuddy and somehow got really stinkin good tags on one of my videos to get over 1000 views (Yahoo!!) but having that be a consistent thing isn't easy. Any tips on continuously getting good tags?
  23. HyDraid

    What is a really good SEO Strategy ?

    So you guys now that having a good SEO strategy is important... Because that determines how high your video ranks on YouTube... Sometimes I'm struggling with that, so it would be great if you have some good tips or tricks :') Thanks :D
  24. Anjim

    Utilizing SEO Can Get You More Views On Your Youtube Channel

    Shout out to @Loki Doki and @Phil @ TubeBuddy
  25. Owen Tonks

    Video strategy and finding ideas

    I have a question... YouTube suggests using a strategy involving three types of videos for channels: Help content - evergreen, searchable content that informs people Hub content - regularly created content designed around viewers' interests Hero content - content that may appeal to a broad...
  26. CasualConstruction

    How do I reach my target audience?

    I am a casual gamer (playing Hearthstone) and my first few videos do not have too many views. I know this is a common complaint, but is it my tags/descriptions/titles? I try to make good looking thumbnails and use informative and honest titles. I also fill my description and tags with keywords...
  27. SeanFace101

    Does links to my video from other videos (high rated) videos help mine?

    Does having links linking to my video from other high authority / high rated videos improve the rating / rank or my video? :unsure: Either link to my video from other video descriptions and/or links from on the video (annotations, cards, etc..). :P
  28. mostafagado

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How to Benefit from It

    SEO is basically optimizing your videos so that when users search for something, they appear higher in the search results than the other. You should optimize the following when you first upload the video: The title The description The tags The title Selecting a video title can be the tricky...
  29. James Walker

    Monthly Views Decreasing, Subscriber Growth Slowing - Help!

    Hey friends, Over the last 13 months, I have created a vlogging/music channel on YouTube that documents my travels as a musician. I've made a few hundred videos of my tours playing songs all across Europe and America. I feel that with each video I make, I am gaining more confidence in my...
  30. LyanGamer

    How do you find your niche?

    Hey all, Relatively new youtuber in the gaming sphere; I keep seeing a lot of people talking about optimizing their SEO by finding a niche or a market within the market to really show up in searches. My question is simply how does one find this mystical and evasive combination of tags...