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So thumbnails is one of the most important thing if not the most important thing when trying to rank your videos for different search terms etc. If your making videos for your subscribers only it might not be as important but when it comes to new people finding your video in search they will 99% of the time click on the most proffesional thumbnail. So thats why im bringing you this video on a really good extension for google chrome that not only lets you craft really awesome thumbnail for free but it also gives you a bouch of different tools to help you with stuff like SEO. I swear usign this tool has make me very good with SEO and how i should make my titles and thumbnail. I really recomend you downloading this 10/10, not being sponsored by them this is all my opinion. Any way this video below shows you how to make really cool thumbnails for free and if you need more tips for SEO and growing on YouTube i got more videos like this planned so stay tuned and i hope you enjoy the video / Leo from CatTagz ;D